Blog Hedda 2021-01-21
Hedda Bångman.

Blog Hedda 2021-01-21

Long time no see, a lot of things have happened since last time. Official season opening in November, Christmas celebration and a new year to mention a few things. The covid year of 2020 has definitely taught me to be more flexible when it comes to making plans. There are…

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Blog Hedda 2020-11-20
Hedda Bångman. Rodby RL2700E x 1000.

Blog Hedda 2020-11-20

The fall flew by and the winter is coming, which means I will be at the startline in Bruksvallarna on the official season opening the coming Friday. Even though it still feels like fall when the temperature outside shows plus degrees and there is no snow. Well, there is nothing…

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Blog Tilde 2020-10-28
Tilde Bångman. Rodby RL2700E x 1000.

Blog Tilde 2020-10-28

It’s October which means most skiers are on different training camps in hope to find some snow to ski on. Hedda headed to Idre Fjäll and I am in Vålådalen right now with the junior national team; it is super nice being here, and the conditions are perfect for skiing.…

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Blog Hedda 2020-10-20
Hedda Bångman.

Blog Hedda 2020-10-20

The season is getting closer and I am stepping up my training by doing more high intensity sessions. I headed to Lillehammer for another training camp with my team, Nordic Athlete, after Rodby was in Kaxås and installed the rollerski treadmill RL2700. I got diagnosed with a stress fracture in…

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Rodby in Swedish National TV4

A Rodby treadmill was shown on sports news TV4 the other day. The Rodby treadmill is used at the national development centre of the Swedish Sports Confederation at Bosön. The news flash informs the viewers that the new national team leader for the women's handball team immediately identified an improvement…

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Fixing up Winternet’s RL3000E

Winternet's 19-year-old RL3000E received quite a lot of fixing up when they decided to do a large service with replacement of belt, control system, motors and belt board with aluminium sheets instead of chip boards. With this upgrade from Rodby's old control system to Rodby's new Control System 2.0, the…

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Custom-built RL3500E to Lucheng China

A few weeks ago, Thomas was in Lucheng, China, to install a custom-built RL3500E treadmill. The treadmill is to be used for training on a bicycle and is built for speeds up to 80 km/h.

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Rodby treadmill in television with Anja Parson and Peter Forsberg

Rodby was asked by Swedish Channel 5 (Kanal 5) if they could provide a large skating treadmill for Channel 5's program "Vem kan slå Anja och Foppa" where Swedish former active athletes alpine skier Anja Parson and hockey player Peter Forsberg meets famous Swedish sports profiles in a game. In…

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Aquatrot to Blekinge Air Force Wing

Rodby has installed an Aquatrot on the F17 Blekinge Air Force Wing in Ronneby. In the Swedish Air Force's operations there are groups that include dog and dog handlers. The Aquatrot is used for physical therapy and rehabilitation for the dogs in the garrison.    

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RL2000E x 600 to Wuxi Jijin China

Rodby has installed a treadmill modell RL2000E x 500 at the WUXI JIJIN Sport Rehabilitation center. This treadmill will be used in first class customer oxygen uptake test and training.

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RL4000E to Olympiatoppen Oslo Norway

The Olympiatoppen (Olympic Top) has purchased a Rodby RL4000E skate treadmill to be used with their current RL3500E and RL2700E. The RL3500E treadmill has seen such extensive use in training and testing activities that its capacity is not enough. With the new RL4000E, several athletes can walk, cycle, roller ski…

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RL4000E to NTG Lillehammer in Norway

NTG: Norway's Top Sports Gymnasium Lillehammer in Norway will use its Rodby treadmill for training and tests for the students attending the cross-country ski school at NTG Lillehammer. The new Rodby RL4000E treadmill will give them the opportunity to practice skate technique two athletes at a time, or three to…

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RL3500E to Bashang China

Rodby has installed a Rodby RL3500E, a model of Rodby's skate treadmills. The treadmill is placed in the Bashang Winter Training Center in China and will be used by China's national team in cross-country skiing and speed skating.

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RL3500E to Beijing China
RL3500E x 2500 i Beijing Kina.

RL3500E to Beijing China

We have installed a new skate treadmill in Beijing, China. The band is the model RL3500E x 2500 and is equipped with a minus elevation which means that the rollerskier can go downhill.

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RL2700E x 1000 at Uppland Air Force F16

Rodby has had the pleasure of delivering a RL2700E x 1000 treadmill to Uppland Air Force Wing F16 (Upplands Flygflottilj F16). The primary purpose of the treadmill is for testing and training of R3 Rescue Soldiers (Rescue Clearing Repair). The training and testing of R3 Rescue soldiers involves walking and…

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RL2700E to Lichtenstein

A picture from a new installation of a RL2700E x 1000 in Triesen in the southern part of Liechtenstein.

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Skate treadmill to Voukatti

Rodby visited the Finnish tourist resort Voukatti and installed a custom built skate treadmill RL3500E x 2700 with elevation 20 degrees (14 degrees is standard).

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Rodby on Facebook

Now you can find us on Facebook. Follow us there, like, comment and ask questions. Welcome!

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RL3500E to Hellnerstadion in Gällivare

Rodby has installed a new skate treadmill, a RL3500E, at the Hellnerstadion in Gällivare. The treadmill is to be used by athletes and ordinary citizens alike. The speed capability of the band is 0-50 km/h and the elevation from 0-14 degrees.

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It’s raining in the weather and wind tunnel treadmill

Rodby's large wind tunnel treadmill in Östersund features on Swedish National Television (SVT) in a water resistance test of children's outerwear. The short clip flaunts the custom built Rodby treadmill's capabilities in a real downpouring (don't try this at home!). [Disclaimer: some countries might not be able to view the…

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RL3500E to Idrettshøgskolen in Alta Norway

Rodby Innovation has installed a new large treadmill at Idrettshøgskolen on UiT Norway's Arctic University in Alta. Idrettshøgskolen has research and education environment for sport, recreation, physical education, public health, nature tours and physical tests. The treadmill is a skate treadmill Rodby RL3500E.  The ski athlete Finn Hågen Krogh, one of Norway's most accomplished cross-county skier, had…

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Treadmill to Shanghai University of Sport

Ove from Rodby Innovation travelled to the end of the world and visited Shanghai to install a large treadmill at the Shanghai University of Sport and is going to be used for running and bicycle. The treadmill is the model RL3500 with a width of 1.8 meters. Elevation angle is minus five to…

Bjørndalen’s rolling training center
Ole Einar Bjørndalens träningsbil med Rodby rullband

Bjørndalen’s rolling training center

Rodby's treadmill in Ole Einar's rolling 20-ton training center for Norwegian biathlon team soon ready Rodby Innovation does justice to its name. Now we can finally reveal our participation in Ole Einar Bjørndalen's spectacular training vehicle at 20 tonnes with its own gym and Rodby treadmill, six beds, kitchen, bathroom with…


The weather and wind tunnel treadmill is up and running!

It unique weather and wind tunnel treadmill Rodby is now opened at the Sports Tech Research Centre at Campus Östersund The roller ski treadmill – a custom-built Rodby RL5500E – is the first of its kind that offers skiing both uphill and downhill. The research facility has an advanced climate control system that opens…

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Two treadmills to Salming Sports in Stockholm

Rodby has delivered two treadmills for Salming Sports New Salming RunLab on Kungsgatan in Stockholm. It is a RL1602 that will stand in the store and a RL2500 placed in a glass-enclosed lab room with 3D cameras. Both treadmill and the cameras are painted in Salming's own color. The client is Qualisys…


Rodby in Swedish national public TV

Ove and Peter from Rodby installed a treadmill in the Swedish national public TV broadcaster SVT's Winter studio during the Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun 2015. Mathias Fredriksson, Yvette Hermundstad and Johanna Ojala demonstrated classic cross-country skiing technique on a Rodby RL2700 Friday evening 20 February. Elite ski techniques shown…


Rodby treadmill in climate test lab

Rodby have installed a new special built treadmill model 2700E for use in a climate-controlled test lab at the National Winter Sports Center at Campus Östersund - where an altitude of up to 6000 meters above sea level and extreme temperatures from plus 30 to minus 20 can be simulated. The…


Anna Haag and Emil Jönsson exercises on Rodby

The well-known national team members Anna Haag and Emil Jönsson have installed a Rodby treadmill for exercising at home. The treadmill is the among cross-country skiers very popular 2.5 meters long and 1 meter wide RL2500E x 1000 fitted with specially designed strips of rubber on the belt to be used with ordinary…


Aquatrot in the new Veterinary Hospital at VHC in Uppsala

Rodby is installing a Rodby Aquatrot (Vattentrask) and pumping installations at the newly built University Animal Hospital (Universitetsdjursjukhuset) at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, VHC in Uppsala. The Aquatrot will be used for physiotherapy of dogs that has impaired mobility. The Aquatrot is constructed entirely in stainless steel with safety glass. The Aquatrot is fed with purified hot…


Rodby builds unique wind tunnel treadmill

Rodby has been commissioned by the University in Östersund to build the largest model of treadmills, a custom-designed and custom-built RL 5500E, with a unique tilting feature where the band can be controlled so that it is both uphill and downhill. The treadmill will be placed in a large wind…


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