Three Rodby Treadmills RL3500E x 3000 to Fjordium Performance Institute

Rodby has installed three treadmills model Rodby RL3500E x 3000 at Fjordium Performance Institute in Sandane in Gloppen municipality in Norway. Fjordium Performance Institute is an advanced state-of-the-art training center. Norwegian and foreign top athletes train here for training sessions and test sessions. The most common sports that benefit from the facilities are biathlon, cross-country skiing, cyclists, and para-athletes.

Fjordium has a close collaboration and teaching with the local school with a sports section and has exercise training for the elderly and adults. Until now, Fjordium has been visited by the Norwegian ski mountaineering national team, para-athletes, four delegations from the Norwegian Olympic summit, several groups from the Elon long-distance national team, in addition to many national team athletes in biathlon and cross-country skiing.