Rodby’s treadmill in Ole Einar’s rolling 20-ton training center for Norwegian biathlon team soon ready

Rodby Innovation does justice to its name. Now we can finally reveal our participation in Ole Einar Bjørndalen’s spectacular training vehicle at 20 tonnes with its own gym and Rodby treadmill, six beds, kitchen, bathroom with a 1,100-liter water tank and even a shooting range for laser rifles eventually. Inside the vehicle a customized Rodby treadmills with a length of 3.25 meters and width of 2.20 meters will be used for training for the Norwegian biathlon team. The accommodation of such a large treadmill to a truck’s limited space shows how Rodby can adapt its products to circumstance and purpose with great effect. The result is simply brilliant. In the film you can see Ole Einar with a temporary treadmill RL2700E x 1000 Rodby lent him. We will return with more information on this highly interesting project.

Here you can read about the project on Norwegian TV2 and see the movie.


Ole Einar Bjørndalen's training center
Ole Einar Bjørndalen’s training center