Rollerski Treadmill
RL2700E x 1000

About RL2700 x 1000

The Rodby RL2700E x 1000 treadmill is our longest and largest treadmill for running, rollerski double-poling, roller skiing classic diagonal technique, ski mountaineering (Skimo), wheelchair and cycling. The length of the belt is 2700 mm and the width is 1000 mm. If the treadmill is to be used for roller skiing, the belt can be fitted with vulcanised wear strips with a thickness of 3 or 8 mm. The treadmill is usually equipped with the optional Safety Framework with Emergency Switch and Safety Belt Waist or Safety Belt 4 Point. The treadmill is delivered with the Pulse Control function for the pulse rate strap or clock and is prepared for the Auto Positioning option. The roller ski treadmill is controlled with Control System 2.0 which runs in the included computer with a touch screen and computer mouse.

RL2700E x 1000 is an excellent choice for an elite athlete’s personal use as the belt length is well adapted to roller skiing and running. This model of treadmill is also used successfully by cyclists and wheelchair riders. The latter requires a little practice but works very well when the rider gets used to it. Several well-known world-class athletes have personal roller ski treadmills of this model.



of Rodby Treadmills

Accurate measurement of ability provides measurable progress.
Heart rate controlled and interval exercise with accuracy and repeatability.
Exercise and improve VO2max and lactic acid threshold.
Train on racetracks by loading and running GPS-GPX files.
Technique analysis with efficient traceable technique development.
Tailor-made training sessions adapted to practitioners and levels.
Pulse control of the treadmill speed via band / watch with Bluetooth®.
Full torque from 1-3000 rpm. Set speed = belt speed ± 1%.
Swedish manufacturing with top-notch quality without bad compromises.

Suitability for Activities

of this model of Rodby Treadmill

Estimated suitability of skate treadmill for practitioners of activity regarding the length and width of the treadmill belt. Suitability is graded from Optimal via Very good to Good but not optimal. If the treadmill is to be used for several sports activities, the least common denominator should, if possible, be applied in terms of the length and width of the treadmill. The estimated suitability pertain for practitioners of at least experienced level up to elite level. This is for your benefit in selecting the size of the treadmill, based on experience from treadmill installations made and feedback from users.

Optimal combination activity and treadmill.
Very good combination activity and treadmill.
Good but not optimal combination.
Not recommended combination.


Endurance, VO2 max, lactate threshold etc.

Suitability Treadmill and Testing 100%

Absolutely optimal for fitness testing. The RL2700E x 1000 is suitable for test labs and sports centers for physiological testing and evaluation with accurate measurement and testing of a practitioner's physical ability for a number of activities and is used in many countries. Rodby's treadmill has very good repeatability, which means that the treadmill with minimal deviation produces identical measurement data from one measurement to another. Optimal choice: for fitness tests with the different techniques of roller skiing and with running. Good choice for fitness tests with bicycle and wheelchair.

Rollerski Double-poling

Classic skiing double-poling technique on roller skis

Suitability Treadmill and Rollerski Double-poling 100%

Absolutely optimal combination. The RL2700E x 1000 is an optimal treadmill for training with roller skis and double-poling. Double-poling has become a decisive discipline in cross-country skiing and being able to pole with the right technique in different slopes. Positioning, the position of the torso and finding the balance when the rider moves the body weight forward and comes up high with stretched legs and raised heel, and relaying the body weight force down through the poles are technical steps that are difficult to master. The treadmill provides unique opportunities for training the various elements and a safety belt can provide that extra security for daring to approach balance points that may feel unsafe. To become good at double-poling, mass training in different slopes angles is usually required. In this way, safe movement patterns are created that the practitioner can use and switch between completely naturally. For skiers who invest in long distance classic skiing, where the best nowadays pole all the way, a treadmill is very valuable.

Rollerski Diagonal

Classic skiing diagonal technique on roller skis

Suitability Treadmill and Rollerski Diagonal Technique 100%
Rollerski Diagonal

Truly optimal combination. RL2700E x 1000 is the optimal treadmill for training with roller skis in the classic skiing diagonal technique. The diagonal technique is the basis for all cross-country skiing and is used today mainly on uphill slopes from light slopes to steep slopes. A treadmill provides fantastic opportunities to practice diagonal technique in exactly the desired elevation, speed and distance and without unnecessary downhill slopes. Classic technique on cross-country skis (practiced on roller skis) has also been developed towards double-poling being used to a much greater extent on the flats and to a certain extent slightly uphill (see double-poling above). The treadmill is very suitable for training in all "gears" of classic skiing and tuning the technique.

Ski Mountaineering Skimo

Training ski alpinism SKIMO or randonnée walking with skis uphill

Suitability Treadmill and Skimo 85%
Skimo Ski Mountaineering

Very good combination of treadmill and activity. Rollerski Treadmill RL2700E x 1000 is good for training and testing for experienced athletes in ski mountaineering (Skimo). The length of the treadmill belt is sufficient, but during tests and heavy exercises some athletes may want more lateral margins for the pole tip placement action. Skimo training on a treadmill is carried out with real skimo skis with stirrup skins fitted, real boots and real ski poles with pole tips model karda. Rodby's treadmill belt can be raised up to 14° (25%), which goes a long way for Skimo training. The athlete is able to fully simulate the ski mountaineering sub-moments of skiing uphill and the athlete is given the opportunity to improve their performance through the benefits of treadmill training: accurate measurement of ability and measurable progress, VO2max and lactate threshold training, repeatability between training sessions, heart rate control, tailored "tracks'' that simulates competition tracks within the Skimo discipline.


Running, racewalking and walking

Suitability Treadmill and Running 100%

The RL2700E x 1000 is an optimal treadmill for running, racewalking and walking. Rodby's treadmills are equipped with aluminum sheets in a special alloy as the gliding base for the belt so that the feeling for the runner will mimic outdoor running on hard gravel roads. The width of the treadmill and large running surface make it easy to do running analyzes to correct and improve running and walking techniques. The control system for the treadmill is equipped with heart rate control. The treadmill works very effectively for VO2max training, lactate threshold training, quick distance, intervals, and uphill exercise.


All kinds like road, mountain or track bicycling

Suitability Treadmill and Bicycling 85%

Good but not optimal combination. The RL2700E x 1000 treadmill is used successfully by cyclists. A treadmill provides a much more realistic training environment, partly because the bike's vertical angle to the ground is not static as it is on a stationary training bikes that stand on a floor. And also, the cyclist can exercise with his own bike and does not risk impinging incorrect movement patterns like with a floor-placed training bike. The Rodby RL2700E x 1000 can be equipped with the option Rodby Max Top speed upgrade which allows the treadmill to run up to 40 km/h. The belt size 2700 x 1000 mm is enough for cycling training but there are no large margins forwards, backwards and to the sides. Expect a certain learning period.


Träning med rullstol och framerunner

Suitability Treadmill with Wheelchair and Framerunner 80%

Good but not optimal combination. The RL2700E x 1000 treadmill can be used successfully for training with a wheelchair and framerunner. However, the width of the treadmill is a factor that must be addressed through practice. There are special options for this category of practitioners that Rodby can equip the treadmill with and that can facilitate easier use for wheelchair and framerunner practitioners.

Rodby Styrsystem

Styrsystem 2.0

Rodby Styrsystem 2.0

Alla nya rullband från Rodby levereras med Styrsystem 2.0 inklusive dator och pekskärm.

All new treadmills from Rodby are delivered with Control System 2.0 including computer and touch screen. The system interface is English. Older treadmills can be upgraded to Control System 2.0 (see Prices treadmills, options and upgrades). All conveyor belts that are delivered with Control System 2.0 have Pulse Control of belt speed as standard. The interface to Control System 2.0 can be operated via the touch screen or keyboard and computer mouse. You choose what suits you best for the moment. When the control system is to be used next to the treadmill, touch control is preferred. It is also possible to control a treadmill with Control System 2.0 via the Remote Control option with Bluetooth® – which means that you do not have to let go of the focus on training. An external communication via the Trackmaster RS-232 protocol can also control the treadmill. The interface has two languages: Swedish and English.

Pulse Control is standard

Rodby treadmills are delivered with Control System 2.0 that features Pulse Control of belt speed as standard. Pulse control requires a connected pulse band or pulse clock with Bluetooth® and allows you to set a target pulse (Target Pulse). The control system adjusts the speed of the belt to reach the user’s desired pulse. This is a very useful feature when you want to be sure to stay within the desired pulse range for endurance training, fat burning, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise or interval training.

Track Simulation GPX is standard

Rodby treadmills with Control System 2.0 features an import function of a GPX file created by a GPS device so that you can exercise on the simulated track. This provides an excellent way to prepare for a race and exercise with almost the same conditions as the real track. Use Track Simulation GPX for your favorite home track in the forest or an competition track such as a marathon or the Vasaloppet.

Auto Positioning as Option

Rodby treadmills with Control System 2.0 can be equipped with the option Auto Positioning. Auto positioning allows the treadmill control system to read the training person's position on the belt via a stereoscopic motion sensor and then automatically increase the belt speed (2) when the user gets closer to the front of the belt and decrease the belt speed (3) when the person comes further back on the belt. In this way, the practitioner can control the speed of the treadmill through his own speed during the exercise. The stereoscopic motion sensor also manages to distinguish the center point of the trainee and disregard any equipment, such as swinging arms, poles, bicycle. wheelchair, framerunner and even outsiders entering the motion sensor field of view.

Treadmills in use

Rodby roller ski treadmill RL2700E x 1000 and RL2500 x 1000 are the elite athletes' choice for training in classic skiing techniques, double-poling and running. The treadmills are in use at many sports centers and test labs.

Popular options

Foldable Foot Support

Down foldable foot support making it easier to get off running at high speed.

Auto­ Positioning

Users position is sensed and can increase or decrease belt speed.

Safety Framework

Safety Framework with Emergency Switch for extra security. Used with Safety Belt and Safety Line.

Extra Emergency Stop Button

Extra Emergency Stop Button for mounting on the treadmill rails.

Pull Emergency Stop Switch

Mounted on the rail in front of the user.

Safety Belt 4 Point

Safety Belt is used with the Safety Framework and Safety Line.

Safety Line with Carabiner

Used with Safety Framework and Safety Belt.

Pole Tips

Model “Karda” (looks like a Steel File Cleaning Brush).

Prices for treadmills and options are quoted. Contact us.

Roller skiing on Rodby treadmills

Rodby recommends fitting the belt with vulcanized rubber strips primarily because the Karda pole tips will last longer. Though the belt is very wear resistant the belt will also last longer with these self-healing rubber strips. Please note that according to some riders, the rubber strips can to some minor degree adversely effect the grip capabilities of the “Karda” tips. The most extremely powerful double-poling riders should opt for the 8 mm strips and tips mention below.

The vulcanized red rubber strips are available in two thicknesses: 3 mm and 8 mm.

Without strips With strips

Drag the handle horizontally to see with or without vulcanized wear strips for pole tips.

Rubber strips 3 mm

  • With the 3 mm thick rubber strips we strongly advocate using only tips modell “Karda” or walking ski pole rubber tips with studs having a maximum protrusion of 2 mm.
  • With the 3 mm thick rubber strips the treadmill is more suited for a usage situation where roller skiing is combined with running or other types of exercise.

Rubber strips 8 mm

  • With the 8 mm thick rubber strips you can use the same tips as for the 3 mm strips.
  • The belt will last longer with 8 mm strips.
  • The belt with 8 mm thick rubber strips allows you to use the tips Swix Force or Swix Triac tips with the sharp tip slightly grounded off leaving a protrusion of maximum 3 mm. This combination of 8 mm strips and the before mentioned tips give good pole tip grip and minimal tip and belt wear.

Photos from a running lab

The treadmill shown below is from the Ultimate Performance running lab in Uppsala, Sweden using a RL2500E x 1000 without vulcanised rubber strips. Note: three images shows the optional Foldable foot support and is not standard.