Skateband RL4500E x 3000 Bundespolizeisportschule Bad Endorf.

Rodby has delivered an extra-large skate treadmill, model RL4500Ex3000 (length 4500 mm, width 3000 mm), to the Bundespolizeisportschule located in Bad Endorf, Bavaria, Germany.

The Bundespolizeisportschule supports winter sports athletes in 12 different disciplines and has accommodations for 85 athletes, with approximately 50 athletes residing at the school during the summer.

In addition to promoting elite sports, the school also offers police-specific sports courses, such as training courses for operational training, preventive and sports courses.

The RL4500Ex3000 skate treadmill is used for physiological testing and training in disciplines such as cross-country skiing, biathlon, Nordic combined, and alpine training.

Bundespolizeisportschule Bad Endorf.

About the treadmill

Safety Framework

The treadmill at the Bundespolizeisportschule in Bad Endorf is equipped with the optional Safety Framework, including 3 automatic emergency stop switches. The three main advantages of using the safety framework with automatic emergency stop switches on the treadmill, instead of a ceiling-mounted emergency stop, are as follows:

  • No need for interventions in the building’s inner ceiling to mount one or more hooks.
  • The distance between the athlete’s belt or harness and the safety framework’s stop switch remains constant. This means that the length of the safety line does not need to be adjusted when the treadmill is raised or lowered (with a ceiling-mounted emergency stop switch, the test leader must adjust the length of the safety line when the treadmill is elevated or lowered). It is easier for a solo rider, without a test leader present, to independently control the treadmill in a safe manner.
  • The safety framework is equipped with three automatic emergency stop switches: a middle switch for sports that require the use of the entire width of the treadmill, and two side switches for pair training with two athletes side by side.

Auto Positioning

The treadmill at the Bundespolizeisportschule in Bad Endorf is equipped with an advanced feature called Auto Positioning. This technology uses a stereoscopic motion detection system to monitor the user’s position on the belt. If the user approaches the front edge of the belt, the system automatically increases the belt’s speed. Conversely, if the user moves towards the rear, the speed decreases. This allows the user to intuitively control the speed of the belt by increasing or decreasing their own speed. The stereoscopic sensor is so advanced that it can distinguish between the user’s body and other equipment, such as swinging arms, ski poles, bicycles, wheelchairs, or frame runners, and also identify other people moving within the sensor’s field of view.

Reverse Drive

The treadmill is also equipped with reverse operation, allowing it to run backwards. This way, one can achieve a 0 to minus 14 degrees incline and the possibility to train downhill. This is used for alpine skiing training where the athlete uses roller skates and a rubber belt attached to the front safety rail of the treadmill (see the video below).
Skateband RL4500E x 3000 Bundespolizeisportschule Bad Endorf.
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