The Swedish elite skiers Johan Olsson and Charlotte Kalla has been sponsored by Swedish ski federation with a custom-built treadmill Rodby RL2500. The treadmill is extended to 2700 mm (normal 2500) and the width is 1000 mm. The band has glued wear strips for rod tips. Normal asphalt tips can be used for better rod control. The treadmill is equipped with an emergency stop in a frame stopping the treadmill at a load exceeding 20 kg. Emil Jönsson and Anna Haag has a similar band in their house.

Johan Olsson has previously trained on a Rodby treadmill in Östersund but he recently moved to Sundsvall and this Rodby treadmill on location gives him better opportunities for training in close to his family. Charlotte Kalla is also living in Sundsvall since 2011.

Johan Olsson and Charlotte Kalla