Pernilla Otto is a well-known name in Scandinavian ultra running with many impressive achievements. During the upcoming competition Viadal Ultra 13-19 August, Pernilla will make a world record attempt on one of Rodby’s treadmills RL2000E.

Rodby has installed the RL2000E treadmill in a shed in Ängelsfors outside Långshyttan where Pernilla will train. The world record attempt will be both broadcast live on social media and documented by documentary filmmaker Jacob Zocherman and result in a documentary film.

In the ultra race Viadal Ultra, the challenge is to run as far as possible over six days. Her goal is to run 730 km in 6 days, which would mean a new world record. When Pernilla completed last year’s Viadal Ultra 2021, she ran 670.1 km over 6 days. The current world record is 724.2 km and is held by an English woman.


Movie from the installationen in Långshyttan