Rodby Treadmill RL1602E x 500

Treadmill RL1602E x 500

About RL1602 x 500

The Rodby RL1602E x 500 treadmill is the smallest in Rodby’s lineup, designed for running and walking. With a belt length of 1600 mm and a width of 500 mm, it remains compact yet powerful, boasting a 3.4 kW motor capable of delivering full power across a range from 1 to 3000 rpm. This makes the treadmill particularly well-suited for rehabilitation and physiotherapy in healthcare settings, fitness centers, and home use by athletes who require accurate measurement data.

Rodby’s treadmills feature aluminum sheets in a special aluminum alloy as the gliding base for the belt, providing a sensation similar to outdoor running on hard gravel roads. The treadmill is versatile, suitable for a range of training activities including technique development, endurance training, interval training, threshold training, VO2max training, uphill training, and simulated exercises on GPX tracks. Equipped with Pulse Control via pulse strap or Bluetooth®-enabled clock, and prepared for the Auto Positioning option, the treadmill is controlled by the advanced Control System 2.0, operating through the included computer with a touch screen and computer mouse.



of Rodby Treadmills

Accurate measurement of ability provides measurable progress.
Heart rate controlled and interval exercise with accuracy and repeatability.
Exercise and improve VO2max and lactic acid threshold.
Train on racetracks by loading and running GPS-GPX files.
Technique analysis with efficient traceable technique development.
Tailor-made training sessions adapted to practitioners and levels.
Pulse control of the treadmill speed via band / watch with Bluetooth®.
Full torque from 1-3000 rpm. Set speed = belt speed ± 1%.
Swedish manufacturing with top-notch quality without bad compromises.

Rodby Control System

All Rodby treadmills, ranging from RL1602E to RL2700E, are equipped with Control System 2.0. This comprehensive system includes a computer, keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, Rodby pedestal, and an emergency stop button located by the control panel.

The Control System 2.0 interface provides flexibility, allowing operation through either the touchscreen or the keyboard and mouse, enabling users to choose the option that best suits their preferences at any given moment. When the control system is used adjacent to the treadmill, touch control is the preferred method. Additionally, there is an optional Bluetooth® Remote Control that facilitates easy adjustment of incline and speed without diverting focus from the exercise. External control of the treadmill via USB is also possible through the Trackmaster protocol.

The interface supports three languages: English, Swedish, and Chinese, providing accessibility for users with different language preferences. This multi-functional control system enhances the user experience and customization options.

Pulse Control is standard

Rodby treadmills come equipped with Control System 2.0, featuring Pulse Control of belt speed as a standard feature. Pulse control requires a connected pulse band or pulse clock with Bluetooth® capability. This functionality enables users to set a target pulse (Target Pulse), and the control system automatically adjusts the speed of the belt to attain the user's desired pulse rate. This feature proves highly beneficial when aiming to stay within a specific pulse range for various training objectives, such as endurance training, fat burning, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise, or interval training. It provides users with a precise and controlled means of maintaining their desired cardiovascular intensity throughout their workout.

Track Simulation GPX is standard

Rodby treadmills equipped with Control System 2.0 offer an import function for GPX files created by a GPS device. This feature enables users to exercise on a simulated track, providing an excellent means to prepare for a race and train under conditions nearly identical to the real track. Utilize the Track Simulation GPX for your preferred home track in the forest or a competition track such as a marathon or the Vasaloppet. This functionality enhances the training experience, allowing for targeted and race-specific preparations.

Auto Positioning as Option

Rodby treadmills with Control System 2.0 can be enhanced with the Auto Positioning option. Auto Positioning enables the treadmill control system to utilize a stereoscopic motion sensor to read the position of the person training on the belt. It automatically adjusts the belt speed: increasing when the user moves closer to the front of the belt and decreasing when the person moves further back on the belt. This unique feature allows the practitioner to control the treadmill speed based on their own pace during the exercise. The stereoscopic motion sensor is sophisticated enough to discern the center point of the trainee while disregarding any equipment, such as swinging arms, poles, bicycles, wheelchairs, framerunners, and even outsiders entering the motion sensor's field of view. This ensures a personalized and responsive training experience, adapting to the user's position on the treadmill.

Popular options

Auto­ Positioning

Users position is sensed and can increase or decrease belt speed.

Safety Line with Carabiner

Used with Safety Framework and Safety Belt.

Safety Framework

Safety Framework for extra safety. Used with Safety Belt or Harness, and Safety Line. Can be equipped with with an Emergency Switch.

Extra Emergency Stop Button

Extra Emergency Stop Button for mounting on the treadmill rails.

Pull Emergency Stop Switch

Mounted on the rail in front of the user.

Safety 4-point Harness

Safety Belt is used with the Safety Framework and Safety Line.

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Treadmills in use

Rodby treadmill RL2700E x 1000 to RL1602 is used for running, walking and rehabilitation. The treadmills can be found at universities, hospitals, sports centers and test labs.