Training on Rodby treadmills

brings a number of benefits for training, improvement and follow-up

Tilde Bångman

Ability and improvement

One of the great advantages of the treadmill is that the training sessions become very standardized, i.e. the conditions for each training session are constant. It makes it possible to e.g. have an interval workout that is executed identically every time. It will be easy to observe the improvement, month by month and year by year. If the elevation and duration of the workout are the same, the speed shows the improvement. Is it possible to workout a little faster than last time?

Hedda Bångman

Threshold training

Threshold training is used to push the so-called lactic acid threshold, i.e. postpone the point where the body produces lactic acid (lactate) later and later at the same intensity. This is done by staying as close to the lactic acid threshold (approx. 4 mmol/L) as possible for an extended amount of time, for elite athletes for as long as 60-90 minutes. Since a treadmill exercise is very straightforward and easy to monitor, it is easy to do a lactate test to see at what pulse and/or elevation/speed that each individual's lactic acid threshold is at.

Pulse-controlled training

Another advantage of a treadmill is that you can easily control the intensity at which you want to exercise, as you can have both a constant elevation and speed, and exact the desired workout duration. Training outdoors, you will sooner or later be interrupted by a downhill slope that means that you can not stay at the pulse rate you want. With Rodby's treadmill, you can even program into which heart rate interval you want to train, the treadmill will then control speed and / or incline in such a way that you are always within the desired heart rate interval. This is a good feature whether you are doing a lighter workout or a harder interval workout. Pulse control requires a connected pulse band or pulse clock with Bluetooth®

Hedda Bångman

Improve VO2 max

VO2 max, or maximum oxygen uptake, is important in all fitness sports. To improve your VO2 max, maximum intervals are required when it comes to getting the heart to work with the maximum number of beats per minute. A workout to increase your VO2 max for example be to exercise intervals of 4 x 4 min or 6 x 6 min as fast as possible. In this type of training, a treadmill is very suitable for several reasons. On the one hand, it is uncomplicated to push yourself to max performance and still feel confident that the safety belt will catch you if you push yourself too hard. The treadmill will also provide measurable data that provides the opportunity to see the desired development of VO2 max

Skidskytte Sebastian Samuelsson Rodby Skateband RL3500E

Technique training

For an elite athlete, technique is very important. Thanks to the practitioner on the treadmill being stationary, it gives an excellent opportunity to work with technique. A technique coach can stand by and give direct feedback to the person training. With different camera solutions or mirrors, the practitioner can see themselves in real time and thus work with the technique in a very efficient way.

Löpband RL2500E x 700

Exercise on GPX-tracks

Rodby's treadmills with control system 2.0 gives you the opportunity to import a GPX file created by a GPS device. You can create GPX files yourself or find them on the internet. You can then train on the simulated course. With training on the GPX track, you can prepare for a race and train with almost the same conditions as the real track. Train on your own track in the forest or a simulated competition track such as the Lidingö race or the Vasaloppet.