Training on Rodby treadmills

brings a number of benefits for training, improvement and follow-up

Tilde Bångman

Ability and improvement

One of the significant advantages of using a treadmill is that training sessions can be highly standardized, ensuring constant conditions for each session. This standardization allows for precise execution of interval workouts, ensuring identical conditions every time. This consistency is particularly beneficial for tracking progress over time. By maintaining the same elevation and duration in workouts, improvements can be easily observed—whether it's achieving a faster speed than in previous sessions, marking progress month by month and year by year. The treadmill's controlled environment provides a valuable tool for gauging and enhancing performance.

Hedda Bångman

Threshold training

Threshold training is employed to raise the lactic acid threshold, delaying the point at which the body starts producing lactic acid (lactate) at the same intensity. This is achieved by maintaining a workout intensity as close to the lactic acid threshold (approximately 4 mmol/L) as possible for an extended period, with elite athletes sometimes sustaining this intensity for as long as 60-90 minutes. Treadmill exercises, being straightforward and easily monitored, provide an excellent platform for conducting lactate tests. These tests help identify the pulse rate and/or elevation/speed at which an individual's lactic acid threshold occurs, offering valuable insights for tailored training programs.

Pulse-controlled training

Another advantage of using a treadmill is the ease with which you can control the exercise intensity. With the ability to set both a constant elevation and speed, along with the exact desired workout duration, you have precise control over the workout parameters. In outdoor training, interruptions may occur, such as downhill slopes, which can disrupt maintaining the desired pulse rate. Rodby's treadmill offers an additional feature, allowing you to program the specific heart rate interval in which you want to train. The treadmill then adjusts speed and/or incline to ensure that you stay within the desired heart rate interval. This feature is valuable for both lighter workouts and more intense interval training. To utilize pulse control, a connected pulse band or pulse clock with Bluetooth® is required. This functionality provides a convenient and effective way to tailor your workout to specific cardiovascular goals.

Hedda Bångman

Improve VO2 max

VO2 max, or maximum oxygen uptake, plays a crucial role in all fitness sports. To enhance VO2 max, engaging in maximum intervals is essential, pushing the heart to work at the maximum beats per minute. A workout aimed at increasing VO2 max may involve intervals, such as 4 x 4 minutes or 6 x 6 minutes, performed as rapidly as possible. A treadmill is particularly well-suited for this type of training for several reasons. Firstly, it simplifies pushing oneself to maximum performance, with the added confidence that the safety belt will provide support if pushing too hard. Additionally, the treadmill offers measurable data, enabling individuals to track and analyze the desired development of VO2 max over time. This makes the treadmill a valuable tool for targeted and effective cardiovascular training.

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Technique training

For an elite athlete, refining technique is of paramount importance. The stationary nature of a treadmill provides an excellent opportunity to focus on technique. A technique coach can be present to offer direct and immediate feedback to the person training. Using various camera solutions or mirrors, the practitioner can observe themselves in real-time, facilitating efficient and targeted work on refining their technique. This setup not only aids in immediate adjustments but also allows for continuous monitoring and improvement of the athlete's form and performance.

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Exercise on GPX-tracks

Rodby's treadmills, equipped with Control System 2.0, offer the capability to import a GPX file generated by a GPS device. Whether you create GPX files personally or find them online, this feature allows you to train on a simulated course. Training on a GPX track provides the opportunity to prepare for a race and engage in training under conditions nearly identical to those of the actual track. This means you can train on familiar terrains like your own forest track or simulate competition tracks such as the Lidingö race or the Vasaloppet. It's a valuable tool for tailored and race-specific training.