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Skate Treadmill RL5000E-RL5500E


About the Skate Treadmill

The Rodby RL5000E and RL5500E stand as Rodby’s most extensive skate treadmills, meticulously crafted to meet clients’ unique specifications. Boasting a belt length of 5000 or 5500 mm and widths of 2700 or 3000 mm, these skate treadmills from Rodby find application in gyms and among athletes worldwide. They serve a diverse range of activities, including roller skiing, running, cycling, roller ski skating, and wheelchair exercises, catering to testing, training, and rehabilitation needs.

With ample treadmill length, these models accommodate various training aspects, such as technique development, endurance, intervals, threshold, VO2 max, uphill training, and GPX track simulations. They cater to a multitude of exercises like running, skate roller skiing, classic diagonal technique roller skiing, double-poling roller skiing, diagonal style roller skiing, ski mountaineering (Skimo), inlines, roller skating, cycling, wheelchair, framerunner, and even pair training and cycling. The RL5000E – RL5500E skate treadmills emerge as a versatile and fitting choice, especially when practitioners from diverse disciplines share the treadmill for their workouts.

Skateband RL4500E x 3000 Bundespolizeisportschule Bad Endorf.
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of Rodby Treadmills

Accurate measurement of ability provides measurable progress.
Heart rate controlled and interval exercise with accuracy and repeatability.
Exercise and improve VO2max and lactic acid threshold.
Train on racetracks by loading and running GPS-GPX files.
Technique analysis with efficient traceable technique development.
Tailor-made training sessions adapted to practitioners and levels.
Pulse control of the treadmill speed via band / watch with Bluetooth®.
Full torque from 1-3000 rpm. Set speed = belt speed ± 1%.
Swedish manufacturing with top-notch quality without bad compromises.

Datasheet Skate Treadmills

Rodby Skate Rollerski Treadmills English
Rodby Skate Rollerski Treadmills English

Product sheet / brochure for Rodby Skate Rollerski Treadmill models RL3500E x 2200 and larger with Rodby Control System 2.0. PDF file.

Version: 2024.1

Suitability for Activities

of this model of Rodby Treadmill

The estimated suitability of the skate treadmill for practitioners, based on the length and width of the treadmill belt, is graded as follows. Optimal: The treadmill is exceptionally well-suited for the practitioner’s chosen activities in terms of both length and width. Very Good: The treadmill is highly suitable, with excellent compatibility in terms of length and width. Good but Not Optimal: The treadmill is suitable for the practitioner’s activities, but there might be minor compromises in terms of length or width. When the treadmill is intended for use across multiple sports activities, it is recommended to consider the least common denominator for both length and width, if possible. These suitability estimates are applicable for practitioners ranging from at least experienced level up to elite level. They are provided to assist you in selecting the appropriate size of the treadmill based on insights gained from previous treadmill installations and feedback from users.

Optimal combination activity and treadmill.
Very good combination activity and treadmill.
Good but not optimal combination.
Not recommended combination.


Endurance, VO2 max, lactate threshold etc.

Suitability Treadmill and Testing 100%

Optimal for testing, the RL5000E and RL5500E are suitable for use in test labs and sports centers worldwide, offering comprehensive physiological testing and evaluation across various activities. The treadmill's size proves optimal for conducting tests that involve different roller skiing techniques, running, bicycling, wheelchair activities, inline skating, pair training on roller skis or inlines, as well as sprinting and pair bicycling.

Rollerski Skate

Roller skiing skate style on roller skis

Suitability Treadmill and Rollerski skate 100%
Rullskidor skate

The optimal combination of skate treadmill and activity is achieved with the RL5000E and RL5500E models. These treadmills prove to be excellent choices for practicing with roller skis, particularly in the skate technique. The advantages of treadmill practice are numerous. Technical training with continuous monitoring is crucial for practitioners aiming to master the skating technique. The treadmill provides the unique capability to design custom tracks or practice on various "gears" in skating throughout a session, a feat practically unattainable in outdoor training. Utilizing the treadmill ensures a straightforward, time-saving, and efficient training experience.

Rollerski Biathlon

Biathlon skate skiing technique on roller skis

Suitability Treadmill and Biathlon Rollerski 100%
Rullskidor skidskytte

The optimal combination of skate treadmill and activity is achieved with the RL5000E and RL5500E models, making them excellent choices for biathlon practice that exclusively involves the skate technique. Biathlon stands out as a combination sport, where the ability to perform in terms of shooting is significantly influenced by the rider's conditioning, allowing the necessary reduction in heart rate on the shooting range and maintaining a competitive speed in the tracks. The treadmill's pulse control proves to be a crucial tool for optimizing both fleet and energy-efficient skating, as well as practicing at maximum ability for the final sprint lap before the finish line.

Rollerski Double-poling

Classic skiing double-poling technique on roller skis

Suitability Treadmill and Rollerski Double-poling 100%
Rullskidor stakning

The optimal combination of skate treadmill and activity is achieved with the RL5000E and RL5500E models, making them excellent choices for roller ski double-poling practice. Double poling has evolved into a distinct discipline, gaining popularity in the Ski Classics international long-distance cross-country skiing cup competition, where the elite exclusively utilizes double-poling. In cross-country skiing, mastering the right technique for pole work across different uphill angles is a critical skill. Achieving the correct torso positioning, maintaining an upright body posture, and finding the right balance as the center of gravity is pushed forward and up with stretched legs and raised heels are essential components. Transmitting force from body weight and core muscles down through the poles requires dedicated practice and repetition. The treadmill provides unique opportunities for practitioners to refine various elements of double-poling. The safety belt offers additional security, enabling individuals to approach balance points that may feel unsafe without such support. Achieving proficiency in double-poling necessitates dedicated practice on both flat surfaces and various uphill angles. The treadmill creates safe movement patterns that practitioners can seamlessly transfer to skiing on a track, making it a valuable tool for skiers aiming for excellence in long-distance cross-country skiing, where proficient double-poling is crucial.

Rollerski Diagonal

Classic skiing diagonal technique on roller skis

Suitability Treadmill and Rollerski Diagonal Technique 100%
Rullskidor diagonal

The optimal combination of skate treadmill and activity is achieved with the RL5000E or RL5500E, making them excellent choices for practicing with roller skis in the diagonal technique of the classic cross-country style. Classic cross-country skiing on cross-country skis (practiced on roller skis) has undergone changes, with a greater emphasis on double-poling on flat terrain and moderate inclines (refer to the section above). The diagonal style technique or gear is utilized on uphill sections ranging from moderately to steep inclines. The treadmill's elevation capabilities, ranging from 0-14° (0-25%), make it well-suited for practicing and fine-tuning all styles (gears) of the classic cross-country technique. Despite the classic diagonal style being as old as skiing itself, it continues to evolve and adapt to changing skiing dynamics and techniques.

Ski Mountaineering Skimo

Training ski alpinism SKIMO or randonnée walking with skis uphill

Suitability Treadmill and Skimo 100%
Skimo Ski Mountaineering

The RL5000E or RL5500E represents the perfectly optimal combination of a skate treadmill and activity, specifically tailored for training and testing in ski mountaineering (Skimo). Skimo training involves using authentic skimo skis fitted with ski skins, real ski boots, and genuine ski poles featuring Rodby's model karda pole tips. The skate treadmill's versatile design allows the belt to be raised up to 14° (25%), providing a challenging ascent. For those seeking an even steeper incline, the option ""Extra elevation 20° (36%)"" is available. This skate treadmill empowers the exerciser to fully simulate the sub-moments of ski mountaineering while walking and skiing uphill. The unique features of the treadmill contribute to performance improvement through accurate measurement of ability, measurable progress, VO2max and lactic acid threshold training, repeatability between training sessions, heart rate control, and the ability to customize ""tracks"" simulating competition tracks in Skimo. The RL5000E or RL5500E is an ideal choice for skiers aiming to enhance their skills and overall performance in ski mountaineering.


Running, racewalking and walking

Suitability Treadmill and Running 100%

The optimal combination of a skate treadmill and running activity is exemplified by the RL5000E or RL5500E models. These treadmills are particularly well-suited for running purposes. Rodby treadmills boast special alloy aluminum sheets as the gliding base for the belt, providing a sensation for the runner that mimics outdoor running on hard gravel roads. The treadmill's generous width and expansive running surface facilitate detailed running analyses, enabling corrections and improvements to running technique. Enhanced with a treadmill control system equipped with heart rate control, these models work exceptionally effectively for running. They offer a wide range of benefits, including quick distance runs, interval training, threshold and lactic acid training, as well as VO2 max running. The RL5000E or RL5500E stands as an excellent choice for individuals seeking an optimal blend of skate treadmill technology and running activities.


All kinds like road, mountain or track bicycling

Suitability Treadmill and bicycling 100%

Optimal combination of skate treadmill and activity. Achieving the optimal blend of skate treadmill and activity is crucial for a well-rounded training experience. The use of a treadmill offers a significantly more authentic training environment, especially due to the dynamic nature of the bike's vertical angle to the ground. This dynamism is absent in conventional training bikes that remain static on the floor. The advantages become particularly evident during uphill climbs and sprints, where the cyclist naturally sways from side to side. Moreover, using a treadmill enables cyclists to train with their own bikes, reducing the risk of developing incorrect movement patterns that can occur with floor-placed training bikes. Rodby skate treadmills, in particular, offer an additional enhancement with the optional Rodby Max Top speed upgrade. This upgrade allows the treadmill to reach speeds of up to 70 km/h, providing an unparalleled training intensity for those seeking to push their limits.


Wheelchair and Frame runner racing

Suitability Treadmill and Inline Racing 100%

Optimal combination of the skate treadmill. Rodby recognizes the unique needs of practitioners in this category and offers specialized options to enhance their training experience. The treadmill can be equipped with tailored features to cater specifically to wheelchair or framerunner users, ensuring a customized and effective workout routine.

Inline racing

Inline racing and speed skating on wheels

Lämplighet kombination skateband och inlines speed skate 100%
Inline Racing

Very good combination of skate treadmill and practice. An excellent pairing of the skate treadmill with inline skate practice is achieved. The dynamic nature of inline skating, characterized by relatively high speeds, benefits from the extended length of the treadmill. This added length accommodates the forward and backward movements, providing a well-suited platform for effective inline skate training.

Pair Training

Two practitioners simultaneously on roller skis or inlines

Suitability Treadmill and Pair Training 100%
Pair Training

Optimal combination of skate treadmill and activity. The perfect synergy between the skate treadmill and activity is achieved through an optimal combination. Engaging in pair training on skate treadmills demands experienced practitioners and strong teamwork skills. The effectiveness of the training is influenced not only by the length of the treadmill but also by its width. The RL5000E and RL5500E models boast generous and sufficiently long belt lengths. However, for an enhanced training experience, we highly recommend opting for the 3000 mm wide treadmill, ensuring a safe and effective workout.


Sprint training on bicycle, roller skis or inlines

Suitability Treadmill and Sprinting 100%

Optimal combination of skate treadmill and activity. The ideal blend of a skate treadmill and activity is essential, particularly for rapid speed changes and sprints. This is crucial not only for the safety of the rider but also to deliver a realistic and immersive riding experience, especially for cyclists. A longer treadmill is instrumental in providing an enhanced experience, eliminating concerns about the belt edges and allowing practitioners to focus on their training without any distractions.

Pair Bicycling

Two bicyclists simultaneously using the treadmill

Suitability Treadmill and Pair Bicycling 100%
Pair Bicycling

Optimal combination of skate treadmill and activity. The perfect fusion of a skate treadmill and bicycle pair training is crucial for an optimal training experience. Successful pair training on a bicycle demands experienced practitioners with excellent teamwork skills. Both the length and width of the treadmill play a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and effective training session. To maximize safety and training quality, we strongly recommend utilizing a treadmill with a width of 3000 mm. This broader platform provides the necessary space for a seamless and secure training environment.

Belt Widths RL5000E-RL5500E

The Rodby RL5000E and RL5500E are both offered with two belt widths each: RL5000E x 2700, RL5000E x 3000, RL5500E x 2700, or RL5500E x 3000 mm. Here are the belt sizes displayed side by side, along with an approximate representation of the dimensions of a reclining practitioner in relation to the belts. Click to zoom images.

Rodby Control System

The Rodby RL3500E to RL5500E skate treadmills come equipped with Control System 2.0, inclusive of a computer, keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, Rodby pedestal, an emergency stop button on the control panel, and a ceiling-mounted emergency stop connected to a harness or waist belt.

The Control System 2.0 interface can be operated using the touchscreen or keyboard and mouse, providing flexibility based on your preference. For proximity usage next to the treadmill, touch control is recommended. Additionally, there is an option for Bluetooth® Remote Control (optional), allowing convenient adjustments to incline and speed without diverting attention from the exercise. External control of the treadmill via USB is also possible using the Trackmaster protocol. The interface is available in three languages: English, Swedish, and Chinese.


Rodby's large skate treadmills offer flexible installation options and can be installed either in an installation pit or standing on the floor in the room.

Nedsänkt i golvet.

Treadmill installed in pit

Rodby provides the flexibility to adapt the treadmill to the specific location and circumstances. All skate treadmills can be installed in an installation pit, ensuring that the treadmill's belt is only about 15 cm above floor level. However, it's important to note that installation in a pit requires a room that is specifically tailored for the skateband.

Stående på golvet.

Treadmill installed on the floor

The least intrusive installation method involves placing the treadmill directly on the floor. In this configuration, the treadmill's belt will be approximately 75 cm above the floor level when it is in the start position and not elevated. This method minimizes the need for room adaptation or intervention.

Pulse Control is standard

Rodby treadmills come equipped with Control System 2.0, featuring Pulse Control of belt speed as a standard feature. Pulse control requires a connected pulse band or pulse clock with Bluetooth® capability. This functionality enables users to set a target pulse (Target Pulse), and the control system automatically adjusts the speed of the belt to attain the user's desired pulse rate. This feature proves highly beneficial when aiming to stay within a specific pulse range for various training objectives, such as endurance training, fat burning, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise, or interval training. It provides users with a precise and controlled means of maintaining their desired cardiovascular intensity throughout their workout.

Track Simulation GPX is standard

Rodby treadmills equipped with Control System 2.0 offer an import function for GPX files created by a GPS device. This feature enables users to exercise on a simulated track, providing an excellent means to prepare for a race and train under conditions nearly identical to the real track. Utilize the Track Simulation GPX for your preferred home track in the forest or a competition track such as a marathon or the Vasaloppet. This functionality enhances the training experience, allowing for targeted and race-specific preparations.

Auto Positioning as Option

Rodby treadmills with Control System 2.0 can be enhanced with the Auto Positioning option. Auto Positioning enables the treadmill control system to utilize a stereoscopic motion sensor to read the position of the person training on the belt. It automatically adjusts the belt speed: increasing when the user moves closer to the front of the belt and decreasing when the person moves further back on the belt. This unique feature allows the practitioner to control the treadmill speed based on their own pace during the exercise. The stereoscopic motion sensor is sophisticated enough to discern the center point of the trainee while disregarding any equipment, such as swinging arms, poles, bicycles, wheelchairs, framerunners, and even outsiders entering the motion sensor's field of view. This ensures a personalized and responsive training experience, adapting to the user's position on the treadmill.

Professional Skate Treadmills

Rodby's large skating treadmills are utilized in various countries for exercises involving roller skiing, both classic and skate styles, bicycling, running, and wheelchair activities. Rodby provides complete adaptability to the location and purpose, ensuring versatility in meeting diverse fitness needs.

Popular options

Front support

Allows you to walk around the treadmill on three sides. Shown here with optional Front rail.

Auto ­Positioning

Users position is sensed and can increase or decrease belt speed.

Safety Framework

Safety Framework with Emergency Switch for extra security. Used with Safety Belt and Safety Line.

Safety Line with Carabiner

Used with Emergency Framework and Safety Belt.

Separate Emergency Switch

Separate Emergency Switch (requires roof or wall mounting).

Extra Emergency Stop Button

Extra Emergency Stop Button for mounting on the treadmill rails.

Pull Emergency Stop Switch

Mounted on the rail in front of the user.

Safety 4-point Harness

Safety 4-point Harness is used with Emergency Stop Framework and safety line.

Rodby Stand

Rodby Stand/Pedestal for Control Unit 2.0. With wheels.

Pole tips

Model “Karda” (looks like a Steel File Cleaning Brush).

Prices for treadmills and options are quoted. Contact us.

Skate Treadmill RL4500E x 3000 at Vrije Universiteit

Skate Treadmill RL4500E x 3000 Successfully Installed at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Demonstrating Determination: Where There's a Will, There's a Way. The treadmill components were expertly lifted into the facility located on the sixth floor.

Skate treadmill RL3500E at Idrottshögskolan in Alta Norway