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Rodby Innovation

Rodby Innovation tillverkar, installerar och utför service på Rodby Löpband, Rullskidband, Träningscyklar, Skatingband, Vattentrask för husdjur och Rodbys kundanpassade produkter – samtliga helsvenska produkter för medicinsk rehabilitering, forskning och professionell idrott. Rodby Innovation manufactures, installs, and services Rodby Exercise Bikes, Rodby Treadmills, Rodby Skating Band , Rodby Vattentrask for pets and Rodby customized products – all entirely Swedish products for medical rehabilitation, research, and professional sports.
Rodby Innovation
Rodby Innovation is at Bosön.4 months ago
We at Rodby Innovation are very pleased that Bosön in Sweden decided to buy our treadmills to use in their newly built test labratory and testing centre. We have been honored to deliver two RL2000E with control system 2.0 with optional Auto positioning system and emergency stop framework on both treadmills. One of the treadmills also has optional Rodby high top speed (40km / h) and the ability to run +14 to -14 degrees as the treadmill can go both forward and backward. Together with the staff at Bosön, we have also manufactured a stand for the hose to facilitate tests of oxygen uptake. #rodbyinnovation #sweden #bosön @ Bosön
Rodby Innovation
Rodby Innovation is at Winternet.4 months ago
At Winternet in Boden, a 19-year-old RL3000E Rodby treadmill has become like a new one. New control system, new upper bed and new carpet.
The treadmill is now ready for tough tests for many years to come.

When we were still there, we took the opportunity to refresh Winternets RL2500E with a service. #winternet #rodbyinnovation #RL3000E #RL2500E #sweden #Boden @ Winternet
Rodby Innovation
Rodby Innovation is in Brig, Switzerland.8 months ago
Service of a RL3500E ski treadmill in Schweiz - Brig #RL3500E #Schweiz #rodbyinnovation #madeinsweden🇸🇪 #treadmill @ Brig, Switzerland
Rodby Innovation
Rodby Innovation is at Mittuniversitetet Östersund.9 months ago
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Mittuniversitetet Östersund
Idag har vi besökt Rodbys största vs minsta band som står på mittuniversitetet i Östersund. Det stora RL5500E bandet som står i vindtunneln har även uppgraderats med det nya styrsystemet. #rodbyinnovation #mittuniversitetet #treadmill #research @ Mittuniversitetet Östersund
Rodby Innovation
Rodby Innovation is in Ronneby, Sweden.9 months ago
Den här veckan har Rodby Innovation levererat en vattentrask till hundenheten på försvarsmakten i Ronneby. #rodbyinnovation #vattentrask #madeinsweden #försvarsmakten #ronneby @ Ronneby, Sweden