All new Rodby treadmills is delivered with Control System 2.0 including computer and touchscreen. The system’s interface is English. Older treadmill can be upgraded to Control System 2.0.  All treadmills delivered with Control System 2.0 have Pulse Control as standard.

The interface of the Control System can be operated via the touch screen or keyboard and computer mouse. You choose what suits you best. When the control system is to be used next to the treadmill, touch control is probably preferred. There is also the option of using a Bluetooth Remote Control – better for maintaining focus on the exercise. External communication and control of the treadmill over the Trackmaster RS-232 protocol is also possible.

The Primary Interface

The Control System’s Primary Interface  is the full screen showing at treadmill upstart. The interface relays the treadmill current status and the logged data from the last use of the treadmill.

Image 1. Primary Interface.


Image 2. Primary Interface with Program 7 activated.

The Primary Interface controls and  meters

  • Elevation in Percent: Elevation in real time, percent or degrees and control buttons + / -.
  • Time and Distance in km (logged).
  • Speed in km/h: Desired speed in km/h or m/s and control button + / -.
  • Actual speed in km/h: Speed real-time.
  • Speed min/km: Speed in minutes per kilometer real-time .
  • Button Start: Starts the treadmill and restart after pause.
  • Button Clear: Clear all, systemet goes to default status and waits for user input.
  • Button Stop: Stops treadmill and pauses.
  • The selected and last used Profile (Profile: Rodby). The button opens the Profile Manager (see image 3).
  • Status Area (here empty) displays status from one of the programs.
  • One to four Programs for easy access: (Program 7, Program 2, Program 9 and Program 3) that the current user (Rodby) has selected in the Profile Manager (button “Profile: Rodby” top left). In image 1 none of the programs is activated. In image 2 Program 7  is activated and the Status Area displays the current data for the Program 7 (here not started yet).
  • Button Profile: Rodby opens the Profile Manager window (see image 3 below).
  • The Heart button is disabled, showing that no pulse band is currently connected.
  • Buttons for Settings.

Please note! The treadmill does not need an activated program to be able to run. You can just step up the speed and elevation to desired levels and press the Start button.

Profiles and Program

Control System 2.0 is built with an intended usage situation where several different users or groups of users exercise on the treadmill at different times and over time. In order to keep track of the different users, Rodby Control System 2.0 has a system of user profiles, called Profile, and training programs, called Programs. The Control System can store a large number of training programs in the Treadmill Programs Repository. These programs are available to everyone. A profile can select up to four Programs in the Profile Manager window (see image  3 below) for easy access and re-run. The selected programs are easily accessed in the Primary Interface and can be run by the treadmill.

Note: the programs are available to anyone using the treadmill.  The profiles serve as a way to choose a user’s setup with four favorite programs, and that setup is  saved persistently in the systems Treadmill Programs Repository and usable even after power off.  The next time the same person uses the treadmill, it is enough to “Select Profile” with the same profile name to enable the four programs to be activated in the primary interface and run. You can also move programs between Rodby treadmills.

Image 3. Profile Manager.

Program och Profile Program Editor

One Program contains a number of sequential steps (consecutive) where each step holds settings for the parameters (see image 4): :

  • Speed (km/h)
  • Speed (m/s)
  • Elevation (%)
  • Elevation (°)
  • Length (s)

The parameters for each step can be changed in the Profile Program Editor window. You can change all parameters and you can easily add, delete, change order, copy and paste rows by selecting a row. The system automatically updates the linked parameters Elevation degrees <-> Elevation percent in both directions. The same applies to Speed in km/h and Speed m/s.

Image 4 Profile Program Editor.

Pulse Control is Standard on Rodby Treadmills

All Rodby treadmills delivered with Control System 2.0 features Pulse Control as standard. Pulse control requires a connected Polar pulse band (version 7 or 10) and allows you to set a target pulse (Target Pulse). The control system adjusts the speed of the belt to reach the user’s desired pulse. This is a very useful feature when you want to be sure to stay within the desired pulse range for endurance training, fat burning, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise or interval training.

Auto Positioning Option

Treadmill with Control system 2.0 can be equipped with Auto Positioning. Auto positioning allows the treadmill through sensors to determine the user’s position and automatically increases the belt speed of the treadmill when the user approaches the front of the treadmill and decrease the belt speed when the user falls back on the belt. In this way, the user can control the speed of the belt through his own position during exercise.

Upgrading treadmills with old control systems

Rodby have the option of upgrading to Styrsystem 2.0 with treadmills with the old Rodby Control system if they wish.

Old Rodby treadmill can also upgrade to a permanent magnet electric motor for full torque even from low speeds. However, this requires that the control system also be upgraded to Control System 2.0.

Rodby Control System 2.0 with the option pedestal.