Swedish products for professional sports, rehabilitation and research

Swedish Rodby Innovation designs, manufactures and sells test bikes, treadmills and skating treadmills for professional rehabilitation and exercise purposes. The products are manufactured with the highest accuracy and good service capabilities at a competitive price. Swedish and Norwegian national team in cross country skiing, sports colleges , research centres and university institutions in physiology and exercise science use since many years Rodby Innovation’s products. Modern training methods in sport has created an expanded use when repeated accurate measurements with fully comparable values ​​to confirm improved training results.

Rodby builds

Rodby Innovation AB is a Swedish-owned company that conducts all development and production within Sweden. The hallmark of Rodby’s products is their adaptability to customer preferences and application requirements. The company is characterized by a combination of adaptability, innovative thinking, and a commitment to the highest technical quality. Rodby places a strong emphasis on considering customer wishes, and within the bounds of economic and technical feasibility, products are designed to meet specific customer requirements. This commitment to customization and responsiveness to individual needs reflects Rodby Innovation AB’s dedication to providing tailored solutions to its clientele.


The company was founded in 1980 by Håkan Rodby. After Håkan had built up the company and worked for 15 years with service of ergometers at Medicinska Apparater AB (Medical Devices), he bought the rights to the product Ergometercyklar (Ergometer Bicycles) and the name Medicinska Apparater AB (Medical Devices Ltd). The company’s production continued under the name Rodby El AB to eventually changed to Rodby Innovation AB.

Development work has been conducted continuously through the years, in parallel with the output, and as examples of events, major improvements and technology development steps include:

  • 1983 use of digital display for time and load on the test bikes.
  • 1986 new microprocessor controlled test cycle developed in collaboration with KTH, (Royal Technical University) Stockholm.
  • 1986 the first treadmill was developed in collaboration with the Regional Hospital in Linköping.
  • 1988 Karolinska participate successfully in NASA research in space with Rodby working cycles.
  • 1990 Bicycle RE 990 developed in collaboration with Linköping University.
  • 1992 the company name is changed to Rodby Innovation AB.
  • 1995 we are developing the first roller skate ski treadmill for Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.
  • 1998 Örebro University at Bosön becomes our first Swedish customers of the roller skate ski treadmill.
  • 2002 production and management moves to Hagby outside Uppsala.

The last years of increasingly sophisticated training methods in sports has put our products to expanded use in sports and exercise activities – when one wishes to make repeated accurate measurements with fully comparable values to verify improved training results.

Many years of experience in the development and manufacture of rehabilitation equipment has given Rodby a very good reputation in this field ! Please request credentials. You are welcome with additional questions and any quotation if you find that our products may meet your requirements and needs.