RL3500E Shanghai Cycling Hall.
Shanghai Cycling Hall, located in the north of Chongming Sports Training Base, Chenjia Town, Chongming District, covers a total area of 64,729.9 ㎡. It includes a cycling hall, BMX cycling hall, supporting rooms, outdoor dirt racing venue, etc. The cycling hall comprises three floors, with the first floor dedicated to athletes’ rest, training, medical treatment, bicycle garage, and other competition functions.

Two Rodby Treadmills RL3500E

The exercise ability evaluation laboratory on the first floor is equipped with two Rodby RL3500E large-scale professional sports treadmills. These treadmills boast a maximum speed of 80 km/h, displaying set and actual speeds in real time. The slope range is adjustable from 0 to 14°. They can be synchronously connected with third-party equipment such as the exercise cardiopulmonary function test system. Each treadmill features a 20-inch color touch screen control system, allowing real-time control and parameter display by touching the button. The control panel is equipped with an emergency stop button and built-in Chinese computer control software, displaying various parameters such as speed, slope, heart rate, etc. Customizable test and training protocols can be created and stored without any limit.
Cyclists often sway left and right during riding, especially uphill and during sprints, causing the vertical angle of the bike and the ground to be dynamic. The Rodby treadmill provides a more realistic training environment, allowing cyclists to train with their own bikes and reducing the risk of incorrect riding patterns. Additionally, the Rodby running treadmill is equipped with two side handrails and front handrails, with optional suspended safety protection and an emergency stop device. These features ensure the safety of cyclists during training.
The Rodby treadmill facilitates a more direct understanding of the rules of bicycle movement. When used in conjunction with other equipment, various physiological, biochemical, and sports biomechanical indexes of cyclists can be analyzed. This enables personalized high-speed training and motor function evaluation for high-level athletes.