Rodby’s Innovations’s treadmills are manufactured in Sweden but used by athletes and test facilities throughout the world. These are the newest satisfied customers.

Flag_of_Sweden.svg 2015-10- 20 RL2000Ex600 (MDD klassat) Landstinget Västernorrland, Sweden.

Flag of China 2015-12- 22 RL2500Ex700 A-4 Solution Beijing Orient King-Tech, China.

flag_of_france-svg 2015-12- 23 RL2500Ex1000 GRESPI / Faculty of Sports Sciences University, Reims, France.

Flag_of_Sweden.svg 2015-12- 23 RL2500Ex700 SUS Ortopedic Hospital, Sweden.

Flag of China 2016-01- 19 RL2500Ex700 China.

Flag_of_Sweden.svg 2016-02- 04 RL2000Ex600 (MDD klassat ) Örebro Sweden.

200px-Flag_of_Norway.svg 2016-02- 26 RL2700Ex1000 Vulkanized tread belt, Norway.

Flag_of_Sweden.svg 2016-03- 21 RL2700Ex1000 Skövde, Sweden.

Flag_of_Sweden.svg 2016-03- 23 Liggcykel Örebro, Sweden.

200px-Flag_of_Norway.svg 2016-05- 02 RL2700Ex1000 Norway.

200px-Flag_of_Norway.svg 2016-05- 04 RL2500Ex1000 Norway Høgskolan Sørøst.

Flag_of_Sweden.svg 2016-05-12 RL2500Ex1000 Vulkanized tread belt, Lager 157, Sweden.

Flag_of_Sweden.svg 2016-07-08 RL2500Ex1000 Vulkanized tread belt, BJ Idrott & Hälsa AB, Sweden.

200px-Flag_of_Switzerland_(Pantone).svg 2016-07-08 RL2700Ex1000 Vulkanized tread belt, Swiss Ski, Davos Switzerland.

200px-Flag_of_Norway.svg 2016-07-25 RL2500Ex1000 Høgskolen i Bergen, Norway.

Installation i Bergen

Flag_of_Sweden.svg 2016-08-16 RL2700Ex1000 Vulkanized tread belt, Enheten för att växa, Örebro AB, Sweden.

Flag_of_Sweden.svg 2016-08-23 Rodby 990A Recumbent Ergometer bicycle, Västerbottens läns landsting Sweden.

Flag of China 2016-09-08 RL1602Ex500 (2st) with down hill function, Beijing Orient King- Tech Co Ltd, China.

200px-Flag_of_Norway.svg 2016-09-14 RL2700Ex1000 Vulkanized tread belt, Norge.