Physiotherapy rehabilitation of dogs with treadmill submerged in water tank

Rodby Aquatrot is a machine for physiotherapy rehabilitation of dogs where the treadmill is submerged in a water tank. The water tank has a door in the rear with a lock which is operated by the foot so that the therapist can handle the dog with his hands.

Higher efficiency and easy cleaning

Unique to Rodby Aquatrot is that you can run continuous tests and rehabilitation sessions without other interruption than replacing the dog. It is because the Rodby Aquatrot has a continuous purification of the water. Our competitors have to make a pause of about 20 minutes to clean the water before a new dog can be admitted. This means greater efficiency in operations with many four-legged patients. Rodby Aquatrot is connected to a pump and cleaning installation with sand filter and water heating. The Aquatrot has got a easy fold-up treadmill enabling easy cleaning under the belt. The Aquatrot is built of stainless steel and have safety glass. A rubberized ramp at the rear for easy entry. Raised hood in the front where the master or mistress can stand and stay in contact with the dog. The Rodby Aquatrot is used at the Veterinary clinic at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala in the new veterinary hospital, which opens in 2014. The Swedish product name for Aquatrot is Vattentrask.

Photos from VHC – Centre for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

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TypeTreadmill in water
Speed:0 -12 km/h
Belt length:1700 mm
Belt width:500 mm
RS-232 Connection:
Control Panel:Yes
Manual Control:Speed
Speed Deviation± 1,8 %
Elevation Deviation
Display units:Distance in meters
Speed in m/s
Speed in km/h
Speed in min/km
Motor:1,5 kW
Power Consumption:400V 32A
Weight:340 kg
Emergency Stop:Switch
Length:2400 mm
Width:725 mm
Height:1200 mm
Price:695 000 000 SEK plus VAT