One step ahead in the long run

Rodby treadmills are professional machines used in test labs, research centers and by professional athletes. The key to success is quality, accuracy, warranty and service.


  • Developed and built in Sweden.
  • Motor with rotor permanent magnet.
  • Built for extreme usage for years.
  • Quality pays off in the long run.


  • Testing based on accurate data.
  • Deviation in velocity is ± 1% and elevation ± 0.2%.
  • Thus high reliability and repeatability.

Warranty & Service

  • 2 years warranty against defects.
  • Service at 24 months adds +1 year of warranty. Also applies to year 3 and 4.
  • Up to 5 years warranty if serviced.
Team Bångman is Rodby’s new ambassador. By Bångman’s experiences within endurance sports, Rodby will get a new platform to target athletes in different sports and to promote their outstanding treadmills that gives exercising a new dimension. Team Bångman consists of Hedda, Evelina and Tilde Bångman who are three young and promising sisters from Sweden. They are all athletes at the highest level with great results from previous years and aiming for more.

Professional Treadmills

professional skate treadmills

Key to success is accuracy

Rodby's treadmills are Swedish-built training equipment of the highest quality. The solid construction of the treadmill and precise control system meet high requirements of reliability, accuracy and repeatability. They command a higher price than consumer treadmills for gym or home. Rodby's treadmills are nevertheless very affordable thanks to an efficient Swedish production in our own premises.

Want to measure your success?

The key to success is a treadmill with accuracy in measurement and the best possible repeatability. Rodby treadmills have permanent magnet motors which provide precise belt speed regardless of the load.

Is the quality of training important to you?

Rodby's treadmill has a superior rigid frame construction and a well thought out mechanical quality that only 30 years of experience can provide. Rodby's treadmill is unique in both technical reliability and responsiveness in action.

Need a treadmill with track simulation GPX?

With Rodby's Control System, you can transfer GPX files created by a GPS device and exercise on the simulated track. You can thus simulate exercising on your regular home track or a known race track.

Do you want a treadmill for the long run?

Rodby's treadmill has a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty can be extended up to 5 years through regular annual service. Rodby's treadmill continues to operate when others have given up.

Warranty up to 5 years

Rodby's treadmills features a 2 year warranty against defects. The warranty can be extended up to 5 years if service is performed by Rodby's service technician.

2 years warranty

Rodby offers a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects on treadmills installed by Rodby's technicians. The treadmill belt calibration is of outmost importance to minimize wear and guarantee maximum reliability and longevity. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on the belt that occurs when using the roller belt.

3 – 5 years extended warranty

Rodby recommends authorized service and fine calibration of the conveyor belt from the second year after installation and annually thereafter. For service performed 2 years after installation, the warranty is extended by 1 year. The same applies to service 3 and 4 years after installation – the treadmill warranty is extended to 4 years and 5 years respectively.

RL3500E Winternet Boden

First-class synchronous motors

Rodby borstlös synkronmotor.
  • Permanent magnets (Nd-Fe-B).
  • Nominal speed: 3000 rpm.

Selected for Rodby Treadmills

Rodby's treadmills are powered by selected brushless AC synchronous motors of industrial quality. They provide high accuracy, smooth running with minimal torque pulsation and full torque from 1 to 3000 rpm.

Industrial quality motors

The synchronous motors have neodymium permanent magnets, built-in resolver, robust angle sensor for commutation, precise speed control and position measurement, high torque, low internal inertia and excellent dynamic performance.

A motor for professional use

Quality motors are used in all Rodby's treadmills and are one of several factors that place our treadmills in a higher price range than consumer treadmills for home and gym. The quality of the motors is also key to why Rodby's treadmills are so accurate, quiet and reliable in the long run.

Pulse Control is standard

All Rodby treadmills delivered with Control System 2.0 features Pulse Control as standard. Pulse control requires a connected Polar pulse band (version 7 or 10) and allows you to set a target pulse (Target Pulse). The control system adjusts the speed of the belt to reach the user’s desired pulse. This is a very useful feature when you want to be sure to stay within the desired pulse range for endurance training, fat burning, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise or interval training.

Swedish manufacturing and adaptation to purpose

Rodby Innovation Svensk kvalitetRodby produces everything in the workshop shared with its mother company Öbergs Svets & Smide AB. Design, development, production, customer contacts and maintenance is based in Sweden. Most of the Rodby products can be customised according to customer requirements and application requirements. Adaptability and innovative thinking is along with the highest technical quality what characterizes Rodby Innovation AB. Your wishes are taken into account and if it is feasible in economic and technical terms, we design and build the product according to your specific wishes.

Rodby RL3500 x 2500

used around the worLD

About rodby innovation

Rodby Innovation’s products are of the highest quality, have the best repetition accuracy and are well thought out not only in the design but also easy to install in existing premises. This also applies to the largest skate tires that are delivered in parts. Rodby adapts the products to the customers’ purpose and performs regular service and calibration. Rodby Innovation is a Swedish family company founded in 1980. Rodby Innovation shares development environment with the parent company Öbergs Svarv & Svets AB. The two companies are run by the brothers Ove and Thomas Öberg. Rodby Innovation’s development and production takes place in Hagby south of Uppsala in Sweden.

highlights and news

Tilde Bångman.

Blog Tilde 2020-10-28

It’s October which means most skiers are on different training camps in hope to find some snow to ski on. Hedda headed to Idre Fjäll

Hedda Bångman.

Blog Hedda 2020-10-20

The season is getting closer and I am stepping up my training by doing more high intensity sessions. I headed to Lillehammer for another training

Rodby i TV4 sport

Rodby in Swedish National TV4

A Rodby treadmill was shown on sports news TV4 the other day. The Rodby treadmill is used at the national development centre of the Swedish

RL3500E Winternet Boden

Fixing up Winternet’s RL3000E

Winternet’s 19-year-old RL3000E received quite a lot of fixing up when they decided to do a large service with replacement of belt, control system, motors

RL2000E x 600 to Wuxi Jijin China

RL2000E x 600 to Wuxi Jijin China

Rodby has installed a treadmill modell RL2000E x 500 at the WUXI JIJIN Sport Rehabilitation center. This treadmill will be used in first class customer

RL4000E to Olympiatoppen Oslo Norway

The Olympiatoppen (Olympic Top) has purchased a Rodby RL4000E skate treadmill to be used with their current RL3500E and RL2700E. The RL3500E treadmill has seen

RL4000E to NTG Lillehammer in Norway

NTG: Norway’s Top Sports Gymnasium Lillehammer in Norway will use its Rodby treadmill for training and tests for the students attending the cross-country ski school

RL3500E to Bashang China

Rodby has installed a Rodby RL3500E, a model of Rodby’s skate treadmills. The treadmill is placed in the Bashang Winter Training Center in China and

RL3500E to Beijing China

We have installed a new skate treadmill in Beijing, China. The band is the model RL3500E x 2500 and is equipped with a minus elevation

Skate treadmill to Voukatti

Rodby visited the Finnish tourist resort Voukatti and installed a custom built skate treadmill RL3500E x 2700 with elevation 20 degrees (14 degrees is standard).