Rodby Treadmills

Rodby treadmills, employed in test labs, research centers, and by professional athletes, excel through their commitment to quality, accuracy, warranty, and service.


  • Developed and built in Sweden.
  • Motor with rotor permanent magnet.
  • Built for extreme usage for years.
  • Quality pays off over time.


  • Testing based on accurate data.
  • Deviation speed ± 1%.
  • Deviation elevation ± 0.2%.
  • Thus high reliability and repeatability.

Warranty & Service

  • 2 years warranty against defects.
  • Service at 24 months adds +1 year of warranty. Also applies to year 3 and 4.
  • Up to 5 years warranty if serviced.

Accuracy is the key to success

Rodby's treadmills represent top-quality Swedish-built training and performance diagnostics equipment. The sturdy construction of the treadmill and its precise control system fulfill stringent standards for reliability, accuracy, and repeatability. While they command a premium compared to consumer treadmills for gyms or homes, Rodby's treadmills remain highly affordable due to efficient Swedish production within our own premises.

Made in Sweden

Rodby invents, designs, and manufactures treadmills within its own premises in Sweden, employing lathes, welders, millers, drilling machines, and other state-of-the-art workshop equipment.

Samuelsson rolls on a Rodby

Sebastian Samuelsson trains on a Rodby treadmill

Rodby Innovation Skating Laufband Sebastian Samuelsson

Advantages according to Sebastian

Train on Racetracks

"I can train on tracks similar to the tracks in the upcoming Winter Olympics."

Ski Technique Training

"Video analysis of the treadmill exercise shown on screen in real time"

Custom-made Tracks

"That I can train with the desired ski technique and elevation."

World Class Endurance Training

"I get the best training indoors where the slopes are as long as I want without me having to spend a lot of time going downhill. Very good for high-intensity training."

Follow-up and Reviewing

"Thanks to the fact that the conditions on the treadmill are exactly the same every time, it becomes easy to compare and track the development, which is an important aspect in elite sports."

Sebastian Samuelsson on German TV

Interview with Sebastian Samuelsson and his new Rodby Skate Treadmill RL3500E. Video used with permissions from Sebastian Samuelsson.

Rollerski Treadmill RL2700E

For use with rollerskis classic style cross-country skiing with poles. Belt size 2700 x 1000 mm. Can be equipped with vulcanized rubber strips. Pulse control of belt speed.

Rodby Rollerski Treadmill RL2700E x 1000

Rollerski Treadmill RL2500E

For use with rollerskis classic style crosscountry roller skiing with poles. Belt size 2500 x 1000 mm. Can be equipped with vulcanized rubber strips. Pulse control of belt speed.

RL2500 x 1000

Professional Treadmills

Treadmill RL2700E

For running, rollerski, cycling, skimo, and walking. Belt size 2700 x 1000 mm.

Löp- och rullskidband RL2700E x 1000

Treadmill RL2500E

For running, cycling and walking. Belt size 2500 x 700 mm.

Löp- och rullskidband RL2500E x 1000

Treadmill RL2000E

For running and walking. Belt size 2000 x 600 mm.

Rodby Treadmill RL2000E

Treadmill RL1602E

For running and walking. Belt size 1600 x 500 mm.

Rodby Treadmill RL1602E x 500

professional skate treadmills

Sebastian Samuelsson Rodby Skate Treadmill RL3500E x 3000

Skate Treadmill RL3500E

For running, roller skiing both skate and classic, skimo ski mountaineering, cycling, wheelchair, framerunner, inlines and walking. Belt length 3500 mm. Belt width 2500, 2700 or 3000 mm.

Rodby Skate Treadmill RL3500E

Skate Treadmill RL4000E

For running, roller skiing both skate and classic, skimo ski mountaineering, cycling, wheelchair, framerunner, inlines and walking. Belt length 4000 mm. Belt width: 2500, 2700 or 3000 mm.

Rodby Skate Treadmill RL4000E

Rodby Skate Treadmill for biathlon

Sebastian Samuelsson Swedish biathlete demonstrates the combination exercise on skate treadmill and shooting simulator.

Click on the video above to play it

Skate Treadmill RL4500E

For running, roller skiing both skate and classic, skimo ski mountaineering, cycling, wheelchair, framerunner, inlines and walking. Belt length 4500 mm. Belt width 2500, 2700, or 3000 mm.

Rodby Skate Treadmill RL4500E

Skate Treadmill RL5000E-rl5500E

For running, roller skiing both skate and classic, skimo ski mountaineering, cycling, wheelchair, framerunner, inlines and walking. Belt length 5000 or 5500 mm. Belt width 2700 or 3000 mm.

Rodby Skate Treadmill RL5500E

Looking to gauge your success?

The cornerstone of success lies in a treadmill equipped with precise measurement capabilities and optimal repeatability. Rodby treadmills feature permanent magnet motors, ensuring a consistent belt speed irrespective of the load, providing unparalleled accuracy.

Does the quality of your training matter?

Rodby's treadmill boasts an exceptional rigid frame construction and meticulous mechanical quality honed through three decades of expertise. Uniquely positioned in terms of technical reliability and responsiveness in action, Rodby's treadmill stands as a testament to the unparalleled advantages derived from decades of experience.

In search of a treadmill with GPX track simulation?

Utilizing Rodby's Control System, you have the capability to transfer GPX files generated by a GPS device and engage in a workout on a simulated track. This feature allows you to replicate the experience of exercising on your usual home track or a recognized race GPX track, providing a personalized and dynamic training environment.

Seeking a treadmill built to endure?

Rodby's treadmill comes with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects, and this coverage can be extended up to 5 years with regular annual service. Designed to persevere, Rodby's treadmill continues to operate when others may falter, ensuring enduring reliability.

Warranty up to 5 years

Rodby's treadmills come with a standard 2-year warranty against defects. This warranty can be extended up to 5 years by availing service from Rodby's certified technicians.

2 years warranty

Rodby provides a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects for treadmills installed by Rodby's technicians. Proper treadmill belt calibration is of utmost importance to minimize wear and ensure maximum reliability and longevity. It's important to note that the warranty does not cover the normal wear and tear on the belt that naturally occurs during the use of the roller belt.

3 – 5 years extended warranty

Rodby recommends authorized service and precise calibration of the treadmill starting from the second year after installation and subsequently annually. Opting for service performed two years after installation extends the warranty by an additional year. This extension also applies to service performed in the third and fourth years after installation, resulting in a treadmill warranty extension to four years and five years, respectively.

RL3500E Winternet Boden

First-class synchronous motors

Rodby borstlös synkronmotor.

Selected for Rodby Treadmills

Rodby's treadmills are driven by meticulously chosen brushless AC synchronous motors of industrial quality. These motors deliver exceptional precision, ensuring smooth operation with minimal torque pulsation and full torque available across the entire 1 to 3000 rpm range.

Industrial quality motors

The synchronous motors are equipped with neodymium permanent magnets, a built-in resolver, a robust angle sensor for commutation, precise speed control, and accurate position measurement. They boast high torque, low internal inertia, and excellent dynamic performance, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of Rodby's treadmills.

A motor for professional use

Top-tier motors are employed in all of Rodby's treadmills, contributing to their placement in a higher price range compared to consumer treadmills designed for home and gym use. The superior quality of these motors is a pivotal factor in the accuracy, quiet operation, and long-term reliability that distinguish Rodby's treadmills.

Pulse Control is standard

Every Rodby treadmill that comes equipped with the Control System 2.0 includes Pulse Control as a standard feature. To utilize Pulse Control, simply connect a Polar pulse band (version 7 or 10). This feature empowers users to set a target pulse (Target Pulse), and the control system automatically adjusts the speed of the belt to achieve the desired pulse rate. This proves invaluable when aiming to maintain a specific pulse range for activities such as endurance training, fat burning, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise, or interval training.

Swedish manufacturing and adaptation to purpose

Rodby Innovation AB is a Swedish-owned company that conducts all development and production within Sweden. The hallmark of Rodby’s products is their adaptability to customer preferences and application requirements. The company is characterized by a combination of adaptability, innovative thinking, and a commitment to the highest technical quality. Rodby places a strong emphasis on considering customer wishes, and within the bounds of economic and technical feasibility, products are designed to meet specific customer requirements. This commitment to customization and responsiveness to individual needs reflects Rodby Innovation AB’s dedication to providing tailored solutions to its clientele.

From instagram

Fresh photographs from our travelling Rodby Engineers.

About rodby innovation

Rodby Innovation’s products stand out for their superior quality, unparalleled repetition accuracy, and meticulous design. Not only are they well-crafted in terms of design, but they are also seamlessly adaptable for installation in existing premises. This flexibility extends even to the largest skate treadmills, which are conveniently delivered in parts.

Rodby goes beyond providing standardized products; they tailor their offerings to meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring a personalized fit. Regular service and calibration are integral aspects of their commitment to sustaining product performance.

Founded in 1980, Rodby Innovation is a Swedish family-owned company. Nestled in Hagby, south of Uppsala in Sweden, the company’s development and production facilities showcase a dedication to quality, innovation, and the rich heritage of Swedish craftsmanship.

highlights and news

Rodby i TV4 sport

Rodby in Swedish National TV4

A Rodby treadmill was shown on sports news TV4 the other day. The Rodby treadmill is used at the national development centre of the Swedish

RL3500E Winternet Boden

Fixing up Winternet’s RL3000E

Winternet’s 19-year-old RL3000E received quite a lot of fixing up when they decided to do a large service with replacement of belt, control system, motors

RL2000E x 600 to Wuxi Jijin China

RL2000E x 600 to Wuxi Jijin China

Rodby has installed a treadmill modell RL2000E x 500 at the WUXI JIJIN Sport Rehabilitation center. This treadmill will be used in first class customer

Rodby Skate Treadmill RL4000E to Olympiatoppen Oslo Norway

RL4000E to Olympiatoppen Oslo Norway

The Olympiatoppen (Olympic Top) has purchased a Rodby RL4000E skate treadmill to be used with their current RL3500E and RL2700E. The RL3500E treadmill has seen

RL4000E to NTG Lillehammer in Norway

NTG: Norway’s Top Sports Gymnasium Lillehammer in Norway will use its Rodby treadmill for training and tests for the students attending the cross-country ski school

RL3500E to Bashang China

Rodby has installed a Rodby RL3500E, a model of Rodby’s skate treadmills. The treadmill is placed in the Bashang Winter Training Center in China and

RL3500E to Beijing China

We have installed a new skate treadmill in Beijing, China. The band is the model RL3500E x 2500 and is equipped with a minus elevation

Skate treadmill to Vuokatti

Rodby visited the Finnish tourist resort Vuokatti and installed a custom built skate treadmill RL3500E x 2700 with elevation 20 degrees (14 degrees is standard).

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RL3500E to Idrettshøgskolen in Alta Norway

Rodby Innovation has installed a new large treadmill at Idrettshøgskolen on UiT Norway’s Arctic University in Alta. Idrettshøgskolen has research and education environment for sport, recreation, physical education,