Rodby has delivered two treadmills for Salming Sports New Salming RunLab on Kungsgatan in Stockholm. It is a RL1602 that will stand in the store and a RL2500 placed in a glass-enclosed lab room with 3D cameras. Both treadmill and the cameras are painted in Salming’s own color.

Qualisys webbsiteThe client is Qualisys who has developed a fascinating technique for motion analysis and advanced motion capture with 3D technology. In the lab the runner’s equipped with sensors and their movements is captured on a rolling Rodby treadmill and measurements takes place in three dimensions. The method is used by the film industry’s 3D modellers and animators, as well as elite athletes, therapists and researchers in bio-mechanics to make advanced motion analysis and improvement of patterns of movement and coordination.

Qualisys on Rodby Treadmill

Borje Salming at the opening ceremony