It unique weather and wind tunnel treadmill Rodby is now opened at the Sports Tech Research Centre at Campus Östersund

The roller ski treadmill – a custom-built Rodby RL5500E – is the first of its kind that offers skiing both uphill and downhill. The research facility has an advanced climate control system that opens up a whole new dimension of testing where weather from mist to heavy rain and wind speeds up to 65 km/h can be simulated with the 200,000 watts strong fan.

The treadmill is so large that several skiers can use it simultaneously, and a given test situation is of course how much you earn in a slipstream behind another skiier in a descents.

Representatives from other markets such as the automotive industry, clothing and outdoor equipment have also shown great interest.

During the opening day, elite skier Anders Sodergren was engaged as a tester, and was the first skier to experience what it is like to go downhill into a wind on a roller-ski treadmill. Rodby wants to thank everyone involved in the project for a lovely cooperation and a brilliant end result.

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Movie from Mittunivsersitetet

Photos from the construction phase at Rodby