Team Bångman supports Rodby

Three top athletes from Offerdal

Team bångman promotes Rodby

Team Bångman is Rodby’s new ambassador. By Bångman’s experiences within endurance sports, Rodby will get a new platform to target athletes in different sports and to promote their outstanding treadmills that gives exercising a new dimension.

“My interest in physiology has grown since I started to study integrative physiology at University of Colorado, Boulder. Rodby’s treadmills will help me to develop knowledge within physiology and contribute to concrete tools in training for elite athletes as well as amateurs,” says Hedda.

The purpose of the ambassadorship is to disseminate knowledge about Rodby’s products and how these can be used in training to reach higher fitness. Furthermore, Team Bångman will promote and brand Rodby on social media by showing the everyday-training-life. Go ahead and follow them there! Moreover, Team Bångman will produce content for Rodby in forms of pictures and videos. Rodby plays an important role for cross country skiing not only in Sweden but in many countries. From now on, our new ambassadors will, in a collaboration, actively work with us to target more athletes in different sports such as triathlon, cycling and running.

Rodby supports Team bångman

Since August 2020, Rodby has been in a collaboration with Team Bångman. Team Bångman consists of Hedda, Evelina and Tilde Bångman who are three young and promising sisters from Sweden. They are all athletes at the highest level with great results from previous years and aiming for more.

Some of the keys for success in all kinds of endurance sports are physiological measurements and accuracy, the small steps of refining your technique, and also the ability to simulate as closely as possible to the context in which the real sport events take place. For cross country skiers, using a professional treadmill is a huge advantage and very appreciated. There is a high demand on existing treadmills from Rodby, which makes the time for using it limited.

Rodby will provide Team Bångman with the treadmill RL2700x1000 as a service in return to their ambassadorship in their hometown Offerdal, Sweden. Having access to a treadmill from Rodby will enhance the training environment for Team Bångman and hopefully generate success in their sport. Rodby is a proud partner and happy to support female athletes.

Team Bångman.

Team Bångman

Hedda Bångman

Hedda Bångman. Foto Sanna Svanebo.


  • Ett 20-tal USM/JSM/U23SM-medaljer i skidåkning och löpning terräng och medel- och långdistans, varav 4 guld.
  • JVM och U23VM fyra gånger i längdskidåkning med ett par topp 10 placeringar.
  • 2:a Lidingöloppet 10k 2014.
  • 3:a i lag Nordiska Mästerskapen terränglöpning 2015.
  • 8:a Tjejvasan 2017.
  • Amerikansk mästare 20k klassiskt U.S. Nationals 2018.
  • 3:a NCCA Championships college-mästerskapen 2019.

Tilde Bångman

Tilde Bångman.
Tilde Bångman.


  • 3:a i Skandinavisk cup 2020.
  • 3:a två gånger JVM längdskidåkning stafett 2019 och 2020.
  • 7:a två gånger JVM längdskidåkning sprint 2019 och 2020.
  • 15 USM/JSM medaljer i längdskidåkning och löpning varav 8 guld.

Evelina Bångman

Evelina Bångman.


  • Fyra U23SM-medaljer i längdskidåkning varav två guld.
  • 8:a SM längdskidåkning 2015.
  • 8:a Militär VM längdskidåkning 2014.
  • 1:a två gånger Youth Ski Classics 2017 och 2018.

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Events and news

Season 2020-2021

23 september

Team Bångman delivers a video showing the installation of the treadmill in Offerdal and the first test ride with Hedda Bångman on roller skis.

22 september

The treadmill arrives in Offerdal for installation. Hedda Bångman and sisters welcome the treadmill and service technicians and can test drive during the afternoon. Great joy in the team.

5 september

The treadmill RL2700 x 1000 to be delivered to Team Bångman in Offerdal is ready.

28 augusti

Distance meeting with Hedda Bångman and Rodby's representatives.

20 augusti

Rodby Innovation and Team Bångman sign the collaboration agreement. The construction of treadmill model RL2700E x 1000 is initiated at Rodby's premises outside Uppsala, Sweden.

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Tävlingar och resultat

Säsongen 2020-2021