The treadmill

Rodby’s large rollerski treadmill comes in lengths of 3.5 meters, 4.5 meters or 5.5 meters, and widths 2.2 meter, 2.5 meters or 2.7 meters. This is the optimal treadmill for training with roller-skis using the free technique a.k.a. skate skiing. The treadmill can be built-in and lowered to floor level. Examples of locations using RL3500E is in Davos, Switzerland, Hellnerstadion in Gällivare Sweden, Idrettshøgskolen on UiT Norges arktiske universitet in Alta Norway and Shanghai University of Sport.

The treadmill is equipped with Pulse Control. All new Rodby treadmills are delivered with Control System 2.0 including a computer, a touch screen, keyboard and mouse.

Animation showing treadmill 360° and  elevation. Click to start.

Pulse Control is standard

All Rodby treadmills delivered with Control System 2.0 features Pulse Control as standard. Pulse control requires a connected Polar pulse band (version 7 or 10) and allows you to set a target pulse (Target Pulse). The control system adjusts the speed of the belt to reach the user’s desired pulse. This is a very useful feature when you want to be sure to stay within the desired pulse range for endurance training, fat burning, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise or interval training.

Track Simulation GPX is standard

Rodby treadmills with Control System 2.0 features an import function of a GPX file created by a GPS device so that you can exercise on the simulated track. This provides an excellent way to prepare for a race and exercise with almost the same conditions as the real track. Use Track Simulation GPX for your favorite home track in the forest or an competition track such as a marathon or the Vasaloppet.

Auto Positioning as Option

Treadmill with Control system 2.0 can be equipped with Auto Positioning. Auto positioning allows the treadmill through sensors to determine the user’s position and automatically increases the belt speed of the treadmill when the user approaches the front of the treadmill and decrease the belt speed when the user falls back on the belt. In this way, the user can control the speed of the belt through his own position during exercise.

Popular optionals

Front support

Allows you to walk around the treadmill on three sides. Shown here with optional Front rail.

Auto ­Positioning

Users position is sensed and can increase or decrease belt speed.

Stop Framework

Emergency Stop Framework for extra security. Used with belt and safety line.

Safety line

Safety line is used with Emergency Stop Framework and belt.

Separate Auto Stop

Separate Auto Stop (requires roof or wall mounting).

Extra Auto Stop

Extra Auto Stop is mounted on treadmill handrails.

Pull Auto Stop

Pull Auto Stop in front (Front rail required).

Safety Belt 4 Point

Safety Belts are used with Emergency Stop Framework and safety line.

Rodby Stand

Rodby Stand/Pedestal for Control Unit 2.0. With wheels.

Pole tips

Model “Karda” (looks like a Steel File Cleaning Brush).

Prices for treadmills and options are quoted. Contact us.

Custom built skate treadmills

Rodby has built and installed a number of large skate treadmills where the customer’s special wishes really put us to the test. Here are some examples. The most spectacular is the treadmill in Östersund the so called Wind tunnel band.

The wind tunnel treadmill in Östersund

Rodby was been commissioned by the University in Östersund to build the largest model of treadmill, a custom-designed and custom-built RL5500E, with a unique tilting feature where the band can be controlled so that it is both uphill and downhill. The treadmill will be placed in a large wind tunnel and used in elite sports research for cross country skiing. The treadmill is specially constructed in galvanized steel for use in a simulated outdoor environment.

Skate treadmill RL3500E at Idrottshögskolan in Bergen Norway

Skate treadmill RL3500E at Idrottshögskolan in Alta Norway

RL3500E Skating Treadmill3500 x 2500 mm
RL3500E Wide Skating Treadmill3500 x 2700 mm
RL3500E Wide Skating Treadmill3500 x 3000 mm
RL4500E Skating Treadmill4500 x 2500 mm
RL4500E Wide Skating Treadmill4500 x 2700 mm
RL4500E Wide Skating Treadmill4500 x 3000 mm
RL5500E Skating Treadmill5500 x 2500 mm
RL5500E Wide Skating Treadmill5500 x 2700 mm
RL5500E Wide Skating Treadmill5500 x 3000 mm
ModelRL 3500 E
TypeTreadmill and skate treadmill
Speed:0 – 50 km/h
Belt length:3500 mm
Belt width:2500 mm (2700 optional)
RS-232 Connection:Yes
Control Panel:Yes
Manual Control:Speed
Speed Deviation± 1 %
Elevation Deviation± 0,2°
Class I, grounded
Display units:Distance in meters
Speed in m/s
Speed in km/h
Speed in min/km
Motor:6-16 kW
Power Consumption:400V 32A
Weight:2100 kg
Emergency Stop:Switch
Elevation:0-14° (0-25%)
Length:3900 mm
Width:3560 mm
Height:720 mm