Rodby’s Innovations’s treadmills are manufactured in Sweden but used by athletes and test facilities throughout the world. These are the newest satisfied customers.

200px-Flag_of_Norway.svg Rodby RL3500e to Idrettshøgskolen i Alta.

Flag_of_Denmark.svg Rodby RL1602E to University of Southern Denmark.

Flag_of_Sweden.svg Rodby RL2700E to Basella AB.

Flag_of_Sweden.svg Rodby RL2700E tto Aktivitus AB

Flag_of_Sweden.svg Rodby RL2500E to Anders Olsson.

Flag_of_Sweden.svg Rodby RL2000E to Örnsköldsvik’s Hospital.

200px-Flag_of_Norway.svg Rodby RL3500E to Ole-Einar Bjørndalen.

Flag_of_Sweden.svg Rodby RL2700E to Fysiolabbet

200px-Flag_of_Switzerland_(Pantone).svg Rodby RL2000E to Taurus Sports AG

Flag_of_Sweden.svg Rodby RL2700E to Form Visborg AB

Flag_of_Denmark.svg Rodby RL2500E to Vejle Idrætshøjskole in Denmark.

200px-Flag_of_Norway.svg Rodby RL2700E to Thomas Alsgaard, Link to his Instagram.