It’s October which means most skiers are on different training camps in hope to find some snow to ski on. Hedda headed to Idre Fjäll and I am in Vålådalen right now with the junior national team; it is super nice being here, and the conditions are perfect for skiing. It’s always such a special feeling touching the snow for the first since May – I get like a toddle on Christmas eve. Even though I enjoy off-season training (roller skiing, running, cycling etc.) it is always a pleasure to get back on snow and ski again (probably not that weird as I am a skier ;)) and the time flies by on every training session.

I usually do roller skiing, bounding, running, and sometimes I ride the bike during the summer and fall. For a couple of months ago, the Rodby treadmill RL2700 got installed at our home in Kaxås, and WOW it is just so good for training! Especially now, when we are in October and the weather can vary a lot – one day it’s 10 degrees and sunny while the other day it’s 0 degrees and snowy = not so good conditions for roller skiing. But now, when I have access to a Rodby treadmill, I never have to think about the weather and can just follow my plan and do what I am supposed to do – that is highly valued. For a couple of weeks ago, I got some soreness in my lower back, thank God it wasn’t anything serious and I could go back to normal training just a few days later. However, I had a couple of days with alternative/rehab training and Rodby’s treadmill was perfect for bounding when I wasn’t able to run or roller ski. One workout I had was a bounding session where I was walking with poles in a comfortable pace. You get an infinity long uphill which is very efficient. In addition, by using a small remote I was able to control the treadmill and I could increase or decrease the speed and/or the incline by myself, which is super convenient. This workout gave me an elevation gain of 2000m which is equal to Åreskutan x 2 – not too bad! It’s hard to gain so many elevation meters on a single workout without using a treadmill. So, my tips for you will be trying bounding intervals and/or distance training on a treadmill. I can highly recommend it for you if you are injured and are not able to run but still want to do a good cardio-workout!

The next couple of days will be some more enjoyable ski sessions here in Vålådalen and after that I will head back home to Offerdal for some easy days before I go back to Östersund for school.