Long time no see, a lot of things have happened since last time. Official season opening in November, Christmas celebration and a new year to mention a few things. The covid year of 2020 has definitely taught me to be more flexible when it comes to making plans. There are so many times I have had to remake the plan and go for plan B or even C sometimes, and it has turned out that plan A isn’t necessary the best. I only did one official competition before Christmas; all the other races were just time trials. But I didn’t mind it at all as I “missed” a lot of training in the beginning of fall due to my injury. I needed another two months of training to get ready for the season which I also got. I have had some really good workouts on Rodby treadmill. For the first time ever, I dared to have a really high intensity week with 8 hard interval sessions in 6 days. Five of these workouts were on the treadmill and it included anything from ski bounding to double poling and running. Almost all sessions were 4 by 4 minutes or 5 by 4 minutes, incredibly effective training to increase VO2 max. It will be interesting to see if I have gotten any better next time. That is one big advantage by doing intervals on treadmill; you can always compare your results and capacity by previous workouts because the conditions are always the same.