The fall flew by and the winter is coming, which means I will be at the startline in Bruksvallarna on the official season opening the coming Friday. Even though it still feels like fall when the temperature outside shows plus degrees and there is no snow. Well, there is nothing much to do about the weather and hopefully we will get snow sooner or later. The rehabilitation of my stress fracture is going well and I am almost recovered. I was running for the first time since I got injured last week, just for five minutes though, but still.

Moreover, I have done a couple of classic ski sessions, which I have just done a few of this year. Last Saturday I had such a hard workout on the treadmill and I finished this workout by doing a couple of diagonal intervals. This workout consisted of 12 by 1 minutes intervals where 10 of them were just double poling and the last two were diagonal with an incline of 12%. I almost reached my max heart rate and got a lactate value of 13,1 mmol/L, which indicates that it was an exhausting and very good workout. Shorter intervals, like these, usually means higher speed and I can tell you that when you go over 20 km/h it feels like you are going really fast. Then, I’m really grateful for Rodby’s security system. Not only because of the emergency button but also because of the safety belt which makes sure you cannot fall off the treadmill. I definitely feel more safe when I go over 20 km/h and know I won’t fall off the treadmill. When you have such a high lactate value it’s easy to lose your balance and fall, which also happened during Saturday’s workout hehe.

Except from a good security system, I am grateful for having access to such an amazing treadmill; there are many days during this fall where the roads have been slippery, wet, and cold, and being able to go inside and knowing you will get a good workout anyways is something I value highly. It’s hard to get any better and more efficient workouts than those I do on the treadmill. This weekend, I will try to transform these workouts into max efforts in the ski tracks as I am doing the first official races of the season. I’m so excited and can’t wait to put on the bib and ski as fast as I can.