The season is getting closer and I am stepping up my training by doing more high intensity sessions. I headed to Lillehammer for another training camp with my team, Nordic Athlete, after Rodby was in Kaxås and installed the rollerski treadmill RL2700. I got diagnosed with a stress fracture in the 3rd metatarsal at the beginning of August and was casted for six weeks. I am thankful that I was lucky and got to meet a good physician who convinced me to be casted for six weeks, just to make the healing process as short as possible. I started off my rehabilitation period with a training camp in Lillehammer where I could slowly go back to normal training. I did a lot of skierg in Lillehammer and had my longest session ever on skierg -a little over 3 hours, not so much fun hehe.

I have been using the rollerski treadmill from Rodby a lot since I got back from Norway. It’s such a great tool for training and particularly for me right now when I have been injured and working my way back. It’s also inspiring to see how much better I get for every workout I do. And yes, it is also so much more comfortable to ski indoors in sports-bra and shorts when it is +1 degrees Celsius, windy and rainy outside. I will be in Idre Fjäll the coming two weeks for another training camp with Nordic Athlete, can’t wait to be back on snow again!