Rodby Innovation develops, manufactures and sells ergo meter bicycles, treadmills and custom-built treadmills for professional rehabilitation and training purposes.

Rodby Innovation’s products are of the highest quality, best repetition accuracy and are well thought out, not only in design but also easy to install even in existing premises. This is also the largest skate straps, which are delivered in parts. Rodby adapts the products to the task at hand and the purpose and performs regular maintenance and calibration. Rodby Innovation can if you so wish fulfil all the requirements of the medical directive: 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.

Rodby Innovation is a Swedish family business founded in 1980. Rodby Innovation parts development with sister company Öbergs Svarv & Svets AB. The two firms run by brothers Ove and Thomas. All development and production take place in Hagby south of Uppsala.

RL2500E x 1000


Swedish manufacturing and adaptation to purpose

Rodby Innovation Svensk kvalitetRodby produces everything in the workshop shared with its mother company Öbergs Svets & Smide AB. Design, development, production, customer contacts and maintenance is based in Sweden. Most of the Rodby products can be customised according to customer requirements and application requirements. Adaptability and innovative thinking is along with the highest technical quality what characterizes Rodby Innovation AB. Your wishes are taken into account and it is feasible in economic and technical terms, we design the product according to your specific wishes.