Rodby RE 990, RE 990A & RE 990S Ergometer Bicycles

The RE990 ergo meter system is the result of more than 30 years of intense development work in the field of clinical physiology testing and therapy.


RE 990 Ergo meter Bicycle


The new RE990 is a very sophisticated microprocessor controlled ergo meter, that has been specially designed to meet the very high demands for accuracy, reproduce-ability and ease of handling in this particular field.


Exceptional accuracy is achieved by collecting all measurements in or around the crankshaft. This technique, unique to Rodby ergo meters, makes it possible to measure and compensate for even the tiniest losses caused by magnetic hysterics, friction in bearings and gearbox, heat generation etc.


Another invaluable feature of the RE 990 is the Rodby Constant Output Control System. The RCOCS system completely eliminates the problem associated with varying pedalling speed. That is; the ergo meter output, within the 20-500W range (10-1000W is optional) is fully independent of pedalling speed.


Whenever the desired output has been chosen on the RE 990, any change in speed is automatically compensated for by a corresponding correction of torque. Through advanced microprocessor technology the RE 990 is capable of executing these generator control corrections more than 10 times per second.

RE 990 Ergometer bicycle


Outline of RE 990 Ergometer bicycle

The RE990 feature full communication capabilities, through analog and digital (RS-232) interfaces, with external equipment like ECG-equipment, computer etc. As an option, Rodby Ergo meters are available in versions fully compatible with Siemens MEGACART. Adaption to other protocols are in progress. Analog ergo meter control is possible from Morgan, Marquette, Schiller etc.

The frame of the Rodby Ergo meter can be easily adjusted to fit patient heights between 120 and 200 cm. Optional adjustable pedal arms facilitates accurate adjustments.


The versatile Rodby Ergo meter system RE 990 provides efficient solutions to a number of problems frequently encountered in clinical testing and therapy.


RE 990A Arm Cycle Ergo meter


The hand operated Rodby RE 990A Arm Cycle Ergo meter makes it possible to carry out exercise tests and therapy even when the patients are unable to use their legs. This method is particularly useful in the evaluation of patients who quickly develop limiting leg symptoms, due to impaired circulation while walking or cycling or for patients who only develop symptoms during arm exercise.

The Rodby Arm Cycle Ergo meter can be mounted on a mobile stand or, by using special mounting brackets, it can also be wall- or table mounted.


RE 990A Arm cycle ergometer



RE 990S Supine Ergo meter


The Rodby RE 990S Supine Ergo meter allows exercise testing to be carried out on patients in a recumbent position (e.g. when executing cardiac catheterization or angio cardiography). RE 990S is available in several versions.

We can supply Supine Ergo meters with adjustable attachments, that will fit a variety of standard examination tables. There are two such ergo meter attachments available. We can also offer complete Supine Ergo meters with custom-made examination tables to suit particular requirements.


RE 990S Supine ergometer


Technical specifications

Ergo meter bicycle

RE 990

RE 990A

RE 990S


 20-500 W

 20-500 W

 20-500 W


 2 % or  1,6 W

 2 % or  1,6 W

 2 % or  1,6 W

 Number of resolutions:

 35 - 120 rpm

 35 - 120 rpm

 35 - 120 rpm

 Supply of current:

 15VDC, 400mA

 15VDC, 400mA

 15VDC, 400mA

 Type of load:

Constant effect, independent of number  of resolutions.

Constant effect, independent of number  of resolutions.

 Constant effect, independent of number  of resolutions.


 55 kg

 Depends on external  equipment supplied.   Call for information!

 Depends on external  equipment supplied.    Call for information!








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